Previously On…Total Bellas Season 4 Premiere Recap!

Previously On Total Bellas, Nikki said good-bye to her fantasy wedding and love with John Cena while the rest of the family tried to help her adapt to her new single life. You can catch up on season three right here.

Nikki confides her breakup from John is almost like a death and we flashback to what she went through when she decided to end the relationship. He was her number one supporter and now she has no stable home; she’s 34, no kids, no boyfriend. She has to go to her Tampa home to grab her boxes, thankfully they are already packed and just grab them and go. She will be moving directly to California and she just wants to feel happy and settled again. Both Brie and Bryan have crazy schedules as they both work insane hours at the WWE, private businesses, and with their daughter, Birdie. Trying to maintain normalcy is super important and Bryan mentions Birdie needs a sibling and has wanted baby number two since she was born. Brie is now ready for baby number two since she has lost the baby weight and that will be the most she can handle. They go to wash their pups and question if they could still do it with a second child but they seem confident they can take on anything.

No cameras were allowed when Nikki went into the Tampa home to move her stuff out. She went with her mother, Kathy and another person but on the drive, she was getting emotional but it really hit her in the confessional. It took about an hour to get everything out and back into the car and she says there are parts she will definitely miss. While Brie and Bryan are feeding Birdie, Bryan surprises his wife with women’s moon cycle tea to prepare her for baby number two and this just blows Brie’s mind. The one month they were not trying was when Birdie was conceived so Brie is thinking this is the way they should keep going but Bryan has all these new ideas to try. Maybe he just really wants to get it done.

Brie and Nikki are working out when Nikki reveals she might move to Los Angeles. She has to go there weekly for work plus it is very good for singles; Brie disagrees and thinks she needs her family right now. Nikki tells Brie she has to go look at houses with her which she says no to because it is family week and she wants to see her husband. When Brie tells Bryan about Nikki wanting to move to LA, he gets frustrated because they purposely moved out to San Diego to be with her and now she’s totally disregarding the life choices they made. It is giving Brie a lack of stability and understandably so.

The twins go out to eat in LA after having a meeting about French wine for their collection while Nikki has put in an offer on a home. Brie says she just wants to get back to her home in San Diego but Nikki says she loves the energy as Brie jokes her sister is always tired. Nikki comments how she and her sister are at completely different points in their lives but to Brie, her sister is going to someplace devoid of emotion. Brie reminds Nikki of how much running around she and Bryan have done just to cater to her needs and how she runs away from her problems. Proving the point, Nikki gets up and leave the lunch. In a car with mom Kathy and step-sister, Maya, Nikki gets the call she got the home in LA. Brie will be joining them for dinner but Nikki is feeling very uncomfortable about her sister coming along because she is not so happy with her behavior at the moment and is nervous to tell her about the house in LA.

Nikki shares she can move to the house in four days and Brie believes staying in town will help her sister heal so she will not let it go. Kathy gives the twins five minutes to hash out their beef before it is over and done with and she wants to move on. Next up, they are taking photos for Birdiebee and they still cannot get along when their stepdad, Johnny phones them. They are doing the first ever all women’s Pay-Per-View “Evolution” which would be led in by RAW so this is huge for them. They would have a story line tailored to them so Nikki pops a bottle of wine and they have been through so much leading up to this. From Nikki’s neck surgery and Brie having a baby; it is time to be on the same page so they can make magic again.

Nikki and Brie are at their brother, JJ’s house for his second baby shower. He and wife, Lauren will be having another daughter and it makes Brie contemplate if she wants to have a baby ASAP. She wants her kids to be close together but her career is really getting back on track. Plus, she’s finally back in shape so that’s a big deal for her. Nikki cannot wait to be a mom but she wants to explore life first to see what else is out there. Nikki apologizes to Brie for the quickness of the LA move and Brie remembers exactly how she was the same when she had a break up years ago and Nikki was right there for her but learned who she was. Nikki just needs to finally see who she is without anyone.

Brie sits down with Bryan and shows him new ideas for merch and reveals she and Nikki have been offered a story line; she is ready for her comeback. She got the itch and even though Bryan wants another baby and feels like they are getting older, she says they can make babies whenever. This is a big time in women’s wrestling and he can coach her again. The girls go down to Bulletproof Labs to get some numbers on them so they can be in the best shape possible for Evolution. They haven’t worked together for three years so this is huge. Brie confesses she now wants a boob job since her whole body has changed after having a baby and she never really had any weight issues until now. She does not want to look like a mom at all. Off to the WWE photo shoot and everyone is there and it makes Nikki miss her home as a wrestler. Nikki is ready to be single in New York and get some cocktails, watch some “Sex and the City.”

Nikki shares with everyone her new plans and they are amped for her. The girls are back in their gear and Brie wants to show the young ones moms can rule the ring. It is now SummerSlam Week in Brooklyn and that’s where the story line will begin and the Bella Army is so stoked to see them back in action. People are asking about Nikki’s ring and such and she is trying to be kind but after six years with John, she cannot wait to be seen as just Nikki. Fans do ask about Brie and baby number two and she is honest so they are pretty genuine all around, which you have to respect.

Next time, the story line begins and Brie contemplates getting a boob job while Kathy picks a guy for Nikki. You can watch it go down every Sunday night on E! at 9pm.

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