Celebrity Big Brother Season 2 Cast Revealed!

Rumors have been running wild as to who the cast of “Celebrity Big Brother” season 2 would be. Last week, Andy Cohen asked guest, Lindsay Lohan on his show “Watch What Happens Live”  if the rumors were true about her mother, Dina joining the cast. Lindsay replied with her mom should call her if this were the case. Earlier today, “Big Brother” host, Julie Chen tweeted if anyone was watching the Chargers vs. Patriots game, today was definitely the day to tune in. This was proof the CBB season 2 cast was going to be revealed in some capacity and here we go; starting next Monday, January 21st, this group of “celebrities” will be walking into the CBB house on CBS. Y’all ready for this?

  • Ryan Lochte- Olympian
  • Dina Lohan- momager
  • Tamar Braxton- reality star/performer
  • Tom Green- comedian/actor/reality star
  • Joey Lawrence- actor/singer
  • Kato Kaelin- ummmm, OJ Simpson, anyone? 1994 calling, anyone?
  • Ricky Williams- former NFL player
  • Lolo Jones- Olympic athlete
  • Kandi Buruss- singer/reality star/entrepreneur
  • Natalie Eva Marie- former WWE wrestler/reality star
  • Anthony Scaramucci- former WH Director of Communications
  • Jonathan Bennett- TV host/actor

Okay, so this kind of sounds like a season of “Dancing With the Stars” in a house, right? Think about the connections, though. Dina Lohan and Jonathan Bennett; he was in “Mean Girls” with Lindsay Lohan as her love interest so there we go on that end. There is also a lot of reality love so it will  be hard for diehard fans to split their loyalties. My money is on Joey Lawrence! Why not? He’s done it all, why not win this? Who do you want to win and who are you most shocked to see in the cast? Let us know!

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