Previously On…Total Bellas Season 3 and What to Expect in Season 4!

Previously On Total Bellas, we watched Nikki Bella and John Cena’s love story unravel. This basically consumed most of season three of the “Total Divas” spin-off. They called off their engagement then got back together and it looked like the fairy tale would still happen. Nikki even held her bachelorette party in Paris. But, in the end, Nikki knew this relationship just was not for her and it was sad but she had to let go of this big chunk of her life and her heart. And her family was there, especially twin sister, Brie, to pick up the pieces. One issue that truly affected Nikki and John’s relationship was Brie having Birdie. When Nikki saw her niece, it was unlike any other aunt experience she had had in the past. This was her twin’s baby and suddenly, she was not so eager to have it be just her and John because this was the life he wanted and she told him how she felt. He eventually came around and said he would have kids if it meant keeping Nikki in his life but this, again, was not enough.

On the bright side, Nikki was cleared to come back to the ring but there were many precautions that needed to be taken to ensure she would be able to wrestle safely. Brie is also prepping to return post-baby and the Bella Twins do just that at the big 25th anniversary of “Monday Night Raw.” It is hard because this occurs post-Cena break-up so everything is super fresh and sensitive and no one really knows how to act. Though this was only part one of the break-up and they do go for round two, it is very hard for everyone in the family because they did feel a strong connection to John. That being said, Brie decides to move her family (Daniel and Birdie) to be closer to Nikki while she is going through this hard time. They are back with their careers, have their wine, their clothing line; it is time for Nikki to start taking care of herself and learn who she is without John, which we will see in season four. Take a look and don’t forget to catch the season premiere Sunday night at 9pm on E!



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