Previously On…Mom Season 6 Episode 12 Live Recap!

Previously On Mom, Tammy (Kristen Johnston) went on her first post-prison, sober date, thanks to the guidance of all of the women and, to avoid going back to jail, she had to look for a new job.

Bonnie is convinced Adam’s bar is failing but Marjory believes it is just a success waiting to happen. Jill has a hug lady she believes can help solve everyone’s problem who will be in San Francisco so they are all going to accompany her. Tammy will only go if they can ride on a cable car, which they all agree on but everyone is having a hard time with Christy. Still smoking, she misses most of the conversations so they always have to repeat what has happened. They are not going to do it anymore but Wendy finds sly ways to sneak in what was just said so she is all caught up. Everyone is a go for San Fran…with the exception of Bonnie.

The women are all waiting to go to San Fran while Christy is outside smoking and Jill is wearing a sari for cultural appropriation. Plus, it gives her an extra 10 minutes of hug time. She wants Christy to sit in the back but that is a no-go and Christy wants a conversation recap but nothing for smokers. Off they go as Bonnie is at the bar with Adam trying to give him ideas about how to boost business. She thinks karaoke is a good idea but he reiterates it is a sports bar; there is no singing. While in line for their hug, they learn it is going to be four hours so Jill tries to bribe the ticket-giver. He says it didn’t work for the women of “The View” and it won’t work for them. After a very long wait and many games of Head’s Up, Christy decides to go smoke and after she walks out, it is time for the women to go in for their hug experience. Unfortunately, it is Christy who has the ticket.

Christy returns and learns of the bad news which leads Jill to lash out and tell her they have spent so much time waiting on her since she has started smoking. As they are about to leave and go to the cable cars, Christy asks if they can wait so she can pee. At the bar, Adam’s customer, Mike tells him he gave up his singing career because he got his girlfriend pregnant and starts to sing. Adam asks if he should make some changes when Bonnie comes in and says she is just going to sit and support him. She goes on Yelp and gives him a five-star review. In the bathroom, Christy is mentally giving herself a lashing when she hears a woman ask her to pass some toilet paper and out comes the hugger.

The women are starting to worry about how long it is taking her to use the bathroom when Jill walks in and discovers a calmer Christy and realizes she has been hugged and rages. Christy apologizes for being so rude and inconsiderate so she hugs a reluctant Jill who ends up really liking it and starts to cry, telling Christy she loves her and everybody- she just really wanted a hug. Bonnie comes down to the bar and tells Adam she saw Mike down at her AA meeting and he is not so happy because she has made everyone sober. Then, two girls come in and say they want anything to drink but wine and the rest is history!

Next week, Adam’s BFF, Mitch, comes back, claiming he has changed but he clearly hasn’t. You can catch it all Thursday nights on CBS at 9pm.

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