Previously On…The Conners Season 1 Episode 9 Recap!

Previously On The Conners, we saw Darlene falling for her new boss at the paper, Ben while finally quitting her job at the casino. Becky also decided it was time to “woman” up and take responsibility for the child she always wanted but never thought she could have. She had decided to give it to a lesbian couple, whom she and Darlene knew in high school and frequented the Mexican restaurant where Becky works. She thought it was a wise choice because they offered to let her be a part of the child’s life and could financially support it but, in the end, Darlene reassured her they would all help her through, despite her lack of funds and being a drunk. Dan reunited with an old friend, played by Katey Sagal and it looks like they are setting her up to be a new love interest but I just wasn’t buying it though I am loving the special guest stars!  Jackie thinks boyfriend, Peter (Matthew Broderick) is a keeper, everyone can see he is using her as he has no real life ambitions and she pays for everything. She finally left a project he was doing for school because she had enough. But, what will happen between them? Only time will tell.

Dan, being the good father he is, fills in for DJ on his vending machine route. But, he is no longer a youngster and ends up getting hurt on the job, garnering a 6K co-pay, and DJ’s company will not cough up the whole thing. Let’s be real; it was  not DJ who got hurt so do they really have an allegiance to Dan at all? Darlene recruits lawyer Brian Foster (special guest star, Peter Gallagher) to get the family what they deserve. Haven’t they been through enough this year, as is? Foster is determined to get the family six-figures but the Conner’s have never been that lucky so let’s not put much faith in him. Believing in this man, the family goes out to dinner at Becky’s restaurant where Dan promises to send Harris to a great college and Mark to a summer art program he just got accepted into but never told anyone because he did not think they had the money. Gina does go onto to remind Darlene this whole lawsuit could cost DJ his job but she does not think anyone in the family is thinking about that.

As for Becky, her boss has implemented a non-fraternization policy (with that in place earlier, the busboy would not be her baby daddy) and she is not having the best luck as it is coming to light she is messaging with taken men. She never had the best self-esteem and it dropped even lower after husband, Mark died. She almost gets into an all-out brawl with the girlfriend of a guy she’s been exchanging photos with but this episode seems to completely disregard the fact she is pregnant. Though her aunt Jackie is a life coach, she is visited by Lanford’s legit life coach but ultimately sits down with Jackie to reevaluate where her life is going and what she could be doing different. Maybe a new life path will boost her self-esteem.

Lawyer Foster returns with a menial settlement where the company will only pay Dan’s medical bills and after paying legal fees, the family will actually be negative. Dan hates that they have been scammed but the light is he is eligible for an assistance program so once his bills are paid, he can still send Harris to the art program and buy one months worth of steaks so all is right with the world. Next week, Ben starts giving Mark piano lessons which, to Darlene, is prime time to see if he would be a good father figure while Emilio is still trying to be a part of Becky’s life since she is carrying his baby. Along with the baby theme, Jackie throws Becky a baby shower! This should be fun! You can catch the show every Tuesday night at 8pm on ABC!

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