Previously On…RHONJ Season 9 Episode 10 What to Expect!!

Previously On RHONJ, the ladies were back from Danielle and Marty’s Bimini wedding or sham show, if you will. I feel like we all needed a vacation after that trip, let’s be real. This episode was all about family and bringing loved ones closer together at all costs. Margaret was getting ready for a photo shoot to update her website and we all know how close she used to be to her former stepchildren. Though that ship has sadly sailed because she has no bio kids of her own, she is still close to one of her stepsons, who is actually estranged from his father. He will be the photographer for the shoot and he and Margaret have some time to catch up as she is getting ready. She tells him how important it is that he reconnect with Jan but didn’t she confess earlier this season that her ex would lock her in the closet? Yeah, real upstanding man. I think her stepson is better off on his own. When it comes to family, we cannot go without talking about Joe and his relationship with his father. He meets up with Frank and they chit chat about Bimini and how Frank did not tell Dolores immediately about being disbarred but did tell his children. Joe can relate as he bought a restaurant without telling Melissa and she flipped. We learn it has since closed but Frank shares he needs to stop using work as an excuse to not see his dad. We know it’s not Melissa keeping him away so Teresa needs to get that idea out of her head; he just needs to make time and Frank claims he drops everything for his dad. Joe agrees, they eat and drink, and cheers.

Time for a franchise crossover! It is customary for the groom’s family to buy the future bride a dress so since Jennifer’s brother is so enthusiastically (insert sarcasm) getting married, she and her mother go look for dresses. And where do they go? None other than…JOVANI!! Yes, RHONY meets RHONJ finally and in the best most tackiest way possible. It honestly looks like they are going prom dress shopping. Jackie and Melissa meet up for lunch and it is admittedly going to be weird with Teresa for the foreseeable future but they talk about Joey’s communion as Jackie is Jewish and has never been to a Catholic ceremony like this. She has also never been to one with Teresa in attendance and we all know how well those go over.

Teresa is taking Milania to rehearse with Fetty Wap’s producer. Yes, she wants to be a rapper and why not? It is clear she needs just a boost of self-esteem in order to make it in the business but still, as much as I don’t care for her, Teresa sits there like a proud mother. And really, that’s all that matters. But, it’s all about to go down in 5,4, 3, 2…GO! So, Jackie has a column and she says she likes to cause controversy and such, which is fine but she is already walking on thin ice with these women, the exceptions being Melissa, Margaret, and Jennifer but this is about to change. Frank opens the paper, because I am so sure he does this on the regular, to find her latest column, which he shares with Dolores. It is all about spoiling children and in it, she clearly references her visit to Jennifer’s home. I love Jackie but wow! Dolores claims she is tired of the fighting and drama but can’t wait to pick up the phone and start gossiping.

It’s time for the communion party and Jennifer is fueled with anger but when she sees Jackie, they are all smiles and hugs because Jackie’s main fight is with Teresa. When she finally does talk to Jennifer, she asks if she said anything untrue and points out she did not say anything mean and that the article was actually very nice. The long and short of the article was, even though it was initially about buying too many gifts leading to spoiled children, Jackie ended it by saying the kids were sweet. So, it was a positive spin taken out of context though in all of our minds and out of Jennifer’s mouth, it seemed “judgemental.” Party lines are drawn: Margaret and Melissa are team Jackie while the rest are team Jennifer. Of course.

Tonight, Margaret finally ends her friendship with Danielle via text. But, how will the new bride take the rejection? Find out on Bravo at 9pm!



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