Previously On…The Big Bang Theory Season 12 Episode 11 Live Recap!

Previously On The Big Bang Theory, Sheldon is feeling down about himself so he plays a VHS of a young version of himself for motivation only to discover his father recorded a football game over it. Through it, he sees his father giving a speech and it gives him what he needs to move on with his life. Bernadette gets very hard core when it comes to pushing Howard into doing his magic. Tonight, an epic paintball game ensues! Are you ready?

Sheldon like Splenda in his champagne and calls it a Dr. Cooper as it is “sweet and bubbly” like him. How…gross. He, Amy, Leonard, and Penny are celebrating Amy and Sheldon’s super asymmetry paper being published. They have yet to read any of the comments so they decide to go on and do that and the first one is so positive, Sheldon is ready for another Dr. Cooper. What a rebel. Leonard tells Howard and Raj that Penny wants to get a paintball game together and they ask what he has done to make Penny mad. He replies “nothing,” she just wants to have a game so they say they are in. An important member from the university comes to get Sheldon to ask why he is sitting in the cafeteria and not in a special dining area. He asks if he can take his friends. The man says no. He asks if he can take his tater tots. He says yes. When he gets to the dining room, he sees Amy sitting there and learn the school wants to do a big media push on their findings but only wants Amy to do the interviews. This does not bode well with Sheldon at all.

Raj is sitting with his fiancee, Anu and he is admittedly a groomzilla and wants to do the floral arrangements, not her mother. At the same time, Stuart’s girlfriend, Denise is losing her roommate and she hints she needs a new one, meaning him but it flusters him so much, he runs away. Amy is getting ready for her big press day and it is clear Sheldon is not happy but they both did it together so he should be celebrating. At Howard and Bernadette’s, they are recalling what happened between Stuart and Denise when Anu’s doorbell camera rings on Raj’s phone. He helped her install it and it is hooked up to his phone so he looks at it. Everyone disapproves until he says it’s a man at her door. Bernadette rushes over and they see Anu hugging the man and then she invites him in. I think it is nothing, maybe dance lessons but we will see.

The reviews are in on Amy’s interviews and she did amazingly well and Sheldon shares how proud he is of her. That is, until the faulty says she revolutionized physics and he about loses his tater tots. Thank god for the paintball game because everyone has anger they need to get out. Denise keeps shooting Stuart because he does not want to move in with her and Anu and Raj are holed up trying to address what happened the night before. Leonard and Penny keep shooting each other to prove how close they are and how it will hurt if they shoot each other while Sheldon and Amy are bickering over how charming Amy came off in her interviews.

Stuart confesses to Penny and Leonard that he is scared he will mess up the relationship if he moves in with her and they say he just has to go with it. Anu tells Raj it was her ex-boyfriend who was picking up some of his stuff and they realize they do not even know each other so why are they even getting married? Amy and Sheldon bring Anu home and Denise walks in on Howard and Bernadette having sex after he accidentally shot her. Stuart walks into work covered in bruises from the paintball game and he confesses to Denise why he is scared to live with her. He hands her a key to his place or Howard and Bernadette’s, to show how much he loves her. Sheldon and Amy are giving an interview together and the first question makes it clear why he shouldn’t be giving interviews. He gets up and leaves.

Next week, Penny’s ex asks Leonard to father his baby. You can catch it Thursday nights at 8pm on CBS.

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