Previously On…RHONJ Season 9 Episode 9 What to Expect!

Previously On RHONJ, the women were still waiting for Danielle and Marty to tie the knot in Bimini. You know, the bridezilla to take the walk down the aisle only to end it four months later with both of them claiming abuse by the other. So, to add to humiliation of being at this sham wedding, the women were forced to partake in a sexy photo shoot. Margaret, being very candid about her distaste for the shoot before Bimini, did not want to take her pants off which triggered Danielle. At this point, everything triggers Danielle, let’s be honest. Meanwhile, the boys, aka Joe G., Joe B., and Marty go out drinking where Marty reveals he and Danielle did not have sex the night before. This is where the guys have to say something about what he is about to do. Can he live in a sexless marriage? Is this the right decision for him? Marty is so in love with Danielle and her looks that he cannot be talked out of this wedding no matter what. Oy. Marty retaliates to Joe by pouring a drink in his lap and Joe G. jumps into action claiming it was all a test to ensure he was truly in love with Danielle and ready for marriage; he passed. In the confessional clip, Joe blatantly says this was not a test at all.

Marty, of course, tells Danielle what happened because he is a loser for her and she confronts Joe B. She asks if he thinks she is after Marty for his money and he squeaks out “no.” This is not over but there is still work to be done in Jersey and Dolores and Jackie are finally meeting up so Jackie can figure out how to get along with Teresa. Dolores is so hardheaded, she cannot see how Teresa may ever come off as combative, uneducated, or rude. Jackie finally confesses her dad was in prison and mother under house arrest but just like Dolores, she is not listening nor caring. Don’t waste your time, Jackie.

Back to Bimini for the wedding where Danielle still feels like she has not gotten enough attention. I beg to differ as everyone has bent over backwards and listened to her ridiculous instructions. Margaret has had enough and leaves. She feels she has been there the most but gets the most crap from Danielle, which is true especially after she thinks Margaret set up Joe B. to go after Marty. Danielle stops Margaret in the hallway and begs her to stay and, of course, she does. I would have left. Finito. This is crap. But, the wedding goes on even though Margaret predicts it won’t last. Truth, right there.

Tonight, Jackie writes an article about spoiled kids and it is believed to be aimed at Jennifer. You can catch it at 9pm on Bravo!



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