Previously On…RHONJ Season 9 Episode 8 What to Expect!

Previously On RHONJ. Margaret attempted to make it right (Dorinda style) between all of the ladies and have a little breakfast at her house. This included food, face masks, and of course the bridezilla herself, Danielle Staub. Jackie and Teresa got into it over the whole not being able to control your husband thing again and how Jackie commented that if Teresa could control Joe, he wouldn’t be in prison. Teresa is just cranky because Margaret had all these beautiful foods out and Tre can’t eat any of them. Oh well, time to start packing because it is off to Bimini for Danielle’s wedding. Somewhere between leaving and landing, Jackie does call Dolores to see how she can befriend Teresa. Why would you want to do that when people are respecting you for calling her out? Facepalm. Anyway, as Teresa is packing, she says she will be the only single one on the trip. Foreshadowing her future much? Bimini is gorgeous but in typical Danielle fashion, she wants everyone to bow down to her as she exits the plane. The Queen has arrived and it is no surprise she and Marty ended up getting divorced.

Back in New Jersey, Jennifer is stuck with her five kids and no nanny and it’s a lot, even for a viewer but she is getting ready to prepare a tradition Turkish meal with her sister and mom as her brother is coming over to celebrate some big news: he has found a wife. They all have a arranged marriages and this is very exciting until we see her brother. He looks lazy, sloppy, and not at all interested in being a husband whereas his future wife is gorgeous. Some tweets were asking “How desperate is she to come to America?” They have spent a total of 10 days together and it was a cringe-worthy scene, to say the least. Dolores goes to a women’s shelter and speaks to them, trying to learn all she can but I cannot get past the fact she walks in with Chanel earrings on. That was too much.

In Bimini, Joe tries to suck Melissa’s toes, we learn Marty’s kids hate Danielle but he has chosen her over them, Melissa and Teresa still haven’t buried the hatchet, and this is only the tip of what’s to come on the trip! Tonight, Bimini continues with some arguing between Marty and Margaret’s hubby while Jackie shares her father was in prison. You won’t want to miss this special Sunday episode on Bravo at 9pm!



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