Previously On…RHONJ Season 9 Episode 7 What to Expect!

Previously On RHONJ, Jennifer is reminding everyone of Gina from RHOC as she is left with her five small children to be a single parent. It’s super rough but it is hard to feel bad for her when she is still in the braggart land of her palace and her nanny, blah blah blah. One mother who is co-parenting fairly well and on her own terms is Dolores though she is not too happy with baby daddy, Frank at the moment. She discovered he shared with their son, Frank Jr. how he was disbarred before he told Dolores and this does not sit well with her at all. Let’s be real; she has not been calm at all this season and we are not too far in. And why would he even think she would be okay with this in general? They are pretty much remarried without the paperwork so to feel like the last to know was a major slap in the face to the all-knowing Dolores. How did he think she would react? Please, tell me.

More anger in the NJ and, of course, it is between Teresa and Melissa AND Teresa and Jackie. Teresa and Melissa because she will always hate her SIL for taking her precious brother away and “controlling” him but also for not defending her against Jackie when she made that comment at Jennifer’s about Joe Giudice being in prison. Basically, she remarked if Teresa could control her husband, he would not be in prison. Truth. Time to stop the fighting because it is Danielle Staub’s uber classy Bachelorette party prep which Teresa and Margaret are mandated to. Yes, because we all know how well that marriage has turned out. She is registered at Versace and Hermes and it is to be Great Gatsby themed, aiming to be fancy schmancy but it is Danielle’s party so let’s retract this idea. And it is retracted very fast when Danielle reams Margaret out for missing a fitting she did not even know about, leading Margaret to call Danielle a “bridezilla” and an “asshole.” I would have said a lot more so I salute her for holding her tongue.

Danielle does apologize within a fraction of a second and all is right with the world. The party does go off without a hitch though far less classy than it was probably envisioned but very much Danielle as it was all about her. And what is a party for Danielle if it is not solely and 100% about Danielle. One main highlight is when Jackie and her husband had Melissa and Joe over for dinner and Joe mentioned what Jackie said to Teresa about her husband being in prison. I think he is shocked anyone had the balls to stand up to his sister but he seems impressed but lets the newbie know any friendship between her and Tre is over. She does not seem to care.

Tonight, Teresa lashes out at Jackie but what will her response be? Find out at 9pm on Bravo!



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