Previously On…Mom Season 6 Episode 10 Recap!

Previously On Mom, Bonnie was forced to take care of Tammy (Kristen Johnston) after she had tooth surgery while Christy vyed for a summer law internship. So, how did mother and daughter fare during some trying times? Find out right here where we have your complete recap!

Christy is taking a quick break at the restaurant where she sees Rudy (French Stewart), the chef smoking and he teases her about the fact that she does not drink or smoke (referencing the Adam Ant song from the eighties). She tells him how she used to stay out late, no cares in the world and Rudy comments that she used to be fun so finally, she gives in and asks for a cigarette. It is the best few seconds until she tells him she owes him one and he proposes she comes over after work and the dream is killed. At the AA meeting, Jill questions why they even fold the chairs and put them away when they have another meeting the following day. Apparently, there’s Zumba in the morning and then Tammy gets a text from a guy she met at The Home Depot, all excited. He asks “what’s up?” and clearly, she has no idea how to respond. Both Jill and Christy have their own responses so Tammy listens to Jill and now, she has to get guidance from her on how to keep responding to the texts coming quickly and often. Christy leaves, feeling insulted, and goes outside where she sees a fellow AA member smoking and asks for a cigarette. She sneaks behind a tree so no one sees her and then goes to a gas station to get gas and asks for a pack of cigarettes but has no idea the costs have risen so much since she quit. She gets $1 in gas and the rest in a pack of Lights.

Tammy has been dressed for her date by Jill and Wendy, Bonnie, and Marjory are there to see her off though Wendy keeps saying it was a bad idea he is picking her up at home. He could be a serial killer but Tammy is so overexcited, she is the frightening one. This is her first date sober, out of prison, etc. At work, Rudy is teasing Christy now that she has become a regular smoker but she maintains it is just occasional. Uh-huh. After Tammy’s date, she runs in, saying she had the best time and is already ready to text him but the girls have to put a stop to this. She has been in prison a very long time so she does not really know boundaries when it comes to men.

Christy is late for lunch with the ladies and when she gets there, Bonnie realizes she is smoking. Christy reminds her that she is not drinking or doing drugs so smoking is the least of her problems. Tammy is spending the entire time freaking out because she has not gotten a text back from her date. Later on, Bonnie goes to see Marjory and catches her doing jazzercise and lets her know she is concerned about Tammy. Marjory takes a moment to enjoy the idea Bonnie is worried about someone else and she shares when Bonnie first started dating Adam, she was worried because he was a ladies man. Bonnie asked why Marjory never said anything and she said Bonnie never asked. She proceeds to watch Marjory do jazzercise.

Bonnie calls Tammy and finds out she is sitting front of her dates home in a car so she goes over and they have the “he’s just not that into you” talk and it’s really like they are finding their sisterly bond. Christy is still smoking though Rudy has quit but she is still outside, freezing her butt off. I doubt it will last. The last thing she will want is another meeting to have to go to.

Tonight, the ladies decorate for the holidays. So, with Tammy around, what could possibly go wrong? Find out at 9 pm on CBS.

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