Previously On…Jersey Shore: Family Vacation Part 2 Episode 17 What to Expect!

Previously On Jersey Shore: Family Vacation Part 2, Deena has returned to the new Shore house so all is right with the world and it gives Snooki an excuse to throw a party. This one is chock full of blow up fun from slip-and-slides, hamster wheels, and food courtesy of Burger King, which Vinny chows down on. Finally, taking a cue from Mike and enjoying the finer things in life. Angelina and Vinny joust; the loser must kiss the others feet which is gross either way you cut it. Vinny apparently has talons while Angelina is a dirty little hamster so, is there really a winner? Well, yeah because Vinny wins and Angelina is stuck kissing his feet, which I think she actually likes in her own way then runs away, squealing. Eventually, the party is over and the guys head to Jenks while the ladies take to a wine bar. Though Jenni talks about the lack of class throughout the season, she does mention how she should have smuggled a bottle in her vagina and Snooki pours the rest of a bottle into a Gatorade bottle so…class. Of course, there is one creeper there who calls the girls fat and of course, Jenni hears this and goes off the rails as Deena is not fat but rather pregnant so she confronts him and is about to kick his ass when her friends stop her and pull her back.

But, we are not done with this gent just yet. The gang runs into him the following night hanging with a girl Angelina knows but does not care for. He tries to get into it with all of the roomies but it is Ronnie whom he confronts at the bathroom, claiming he has more money than him and all of this ridiculousness. Ronnie is ready to fight this tool bucket who probably got rejected from JS back in the day when he is MIA and soon, Angelina and his lady friend are fighting with security trying to break them up. Soon, Jenni appears from the rooftop and dumps a whole water bottle on this girl’s head and it is a sign Angelina is finally accepted. Yay.

Tonight, Jen calls Ronnie to tell him the house was broken into and robbed while she and Ariana were sleeping but is it the truth or desperation? Tune into MTV at 8pm to find out! Until then, here is a sneak peek!

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