Previously On…Will and Grace Season 10 Episode 8 Recap!

Previously On Will and Grace, Grace met Noah’s daughter, Kate even though he explicitly told her not to and Will’s mother, Marilyn (Blythe Danner) paid a trip to town. You can read all about it right here and this past episode, seemingly the last of 2018, Matt Bomer is stopping by. What a fabulous year for guest stars, if I do say so myself.

Karen is getting new offers from Stan on their divorce but unfortunately, Stan has photos from her affair with Malcolm and this could mess with the sum she would like. Will is ordering coffee but is not happy with the service he is getting from the snotty young barista and when he sits down with Jack, he says he thought they were going to a gay bar. Jack points out the bar where they get their coffee and the line of gays so he makes a point. Jack is getting also laughing at Will for reading news alerts over flirting with the guys around them. He takes Will’s glasses and tries to show him how to flirt when the hottest gay news anchor, McCoy Whitman (Matt Bomer) walks in and both men get so excited. Will believes they would be perfect together because they are smart and sophisticated though Jack disagrees. Will begins to mimic a “typical, shallow gay man” and talks about “RuPaul’s Drag Race but he does it loud enough for McCoy to hear him and that catches his attention. It is a “Freaky Friday” moment and Will is now confused for a Jack-type; McCoy says he has similar banter with a friend- Andy Cohen then he tells will to call him but Will says he does not have his number. McCoy points to Jack and notes his friend is smart so he can figure it out since he is a famous news anchor.

Hurt by the low amount of money she will be getting, Grace points out Stan had affairs, as well so they decide to go see Lorraine Finster (Minnie Driver). Jack comes over to see Will who is cooking a fancy dinner for McCoy and Jack reminds him he is supposed to be dumb so he cannot cook foods no one can pronounce. Jack says he will pretend he cooked the meal and then leave and to mimic someone dim aka being like Jack though Jack does not realize Will is copying him. Grace goes to talk to Lorraine who is working the pole for a bar mitzvah and says she does have photos of her and Stan but won’t do it for Karen and the divorce. The only way she will do it is if Grace takes over the pole for her temporarily.

McCoy shows up for his date and tells Jack he deals with smart people all day so he needs to come home to a brain of mush. Enter Will as dumb as Jack and it is amazing; he has even created a sideshow called “Watch Will” and that is when Jack realizes he has been mocked. Jack pulls Will to the hallway and it looks like he is going to get mad but he tells him how flattered he is instead. Karen and Lorraine have a heart to heart while Grace sadly works the pole then Lorraine realizes Karen stole her phone which holds all of the photos. As Karen turns to leave, Lorraine tells her to take Stan for everything he is worth.

As for Will’s date, it is very hard because, even though McCoy is attracted to Will physically, he turns to Jack for all of the answers to the smart questions. This is now trying for Will and eventually, McCoy catches on, calling Jack the idiot and Will the smart one. Will says Jack is not an idiot and he was the one who came up with this whole plan and the good ones are all engaged, smart, or Anderson Cooper. McCoy leaves and Jack calls Will a dumb bitch for letting the hot guy go but their friendship means so much more, clearly. And that seemingly wraps up season 10 for 2018 but will return in 2019! You can catch this season on Hulu under season 2! We hope you enjoyed the guest stars from Alec Baldwin, Miss Coco Peru, and the gorgeous Matt Bomer! Happy holidays! And a special congrats to Debra Messing on her Golden Globe nomination!

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