Previously On…RHOC Season 13 Reunion Part 3 Recap!

Previously On the RHOC Reunion, we saw part two, which was a snooze, compared to part one. The biggest issue was a resolution between Kelly Dodd and Vicki Gunvalson after Vicki accused her former bestie of using cocaine. This was something Kelly adamantly denied, even telling host, Andy Cohen to give her a hair test. As I have mentioned before, Kelly has taken to Twitter to plead to the higher-ups to fire Vicki or she will not be coming back for season 14 and fans of the series would rather have Kelly over Vicki. Vicki did apologize for coming back at Kelly for calling her fat with this rumor she heard and onto Shannon’s divorce, her battle with Tamra, and Emily’s issues with some of the ladies as well as her marriage. You can read all about it or just get a quick refresher right here but I will say, part two was not nearly as exciting as part two and tonight, we have part three.

Tonight, the reunion concludes and Kelly seemingly goes after Emily for the time at Eddie’s birthday party where Emily screamed she would kill her. As a lawyer, Emily has printed out a binder worth of messages so she is ready and raring to go. As for any bad blood between Tamra and Shannon, seeing as they had not spoken prior to the reunion, I can tell you all beef has been squashed according to a lovey-dovey Instagram post by Tamra. Vicki also shares if she got a butt-lift, which Tamra was insistent on when they were in Jamaica.

It was time to discuss a lot and one pressing issue was Eddie’s birthday party and how Kelly and Emily reacted to one another. Kelly did not feel Shane needed to insert himself into her argument with Vicki’s boyfriend, Steve as she confronted him over a statement he had made to Page Six. Shane injected himself into the conversation when he knew nothing about the background or the history and it set Kelly off. Emily came to her husband’s defense and feathers flew. Kelly kept telling Emily to hit her while Em said she would kill her. Kelly admitted she wanted Emily to hit her so she could hit her back. Violence is not the answer but at least she was honest. As for Vicki, she knows who Kelly’s ex is dating yet she just claimed she hasn’t seen Michael in six months so…

Shannon admitted she was subjected to David calling her a drunk and needy throughout their 17-year marriage and let’s be honest; she is those things. She does like her vodkas and blew up Kelly and Tamra’s cell phones on the regular. She also said in Jamaica that she was drunk when she came to the dinner where she was confronted about her mental issues and wishes there was just one or two of the women intervening but it was really just Kelly, Tamra, and Vicki not a bombardment of 20. She also admitted she was slightly jealous of how easy Gina’s divorce was going but did not really care for Gina or Emily and there is no resolution about how the whole Gina/Shannon/Tamra situation happened. Gina has one version, Shannon has her own, and Tamra is just thinking Gina is a pot stirrer but that is the pot stirrer calling the pot stirrer black.

Vicki did not get a butt lift, or so she says, and she blames her outfit choices from Jamaica on Tamra. Tamra and Shannon are all good now but as for the Vicki and Kelly, that is up in the air. They ended with their regrets for the season which was really just a load of crap and made me regret watching the whole reunion and the season in general. Let us know what you thought of the reunion and if you want to see Kelly or Vicki leave. Plus, what do you think of Shannon? Does she have a drinking problem and what is her real issue? Will we ever know and do we even care? Happy season finale!

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