Previously On…The Conners Season 1 Episode 7 Recap!

Previously On The Conners, Becky decided she was going to keep her baby with the help of sister, Darlene who was discovering she had feelings for new boss, Ben. You can learn all about that right here.

Darlene has quit the casino so she is working full-time at the newspaper with her hottie boss, Ben who is just as assertive as her. This is something she is clearly not used to, always being the leader in relationships. They acknowledge a mutual attraction but the fact he is her boss puts a kink in everything. He tells her she will have to make the first move and he attempts to bend over and be cute. She eventually asks to borrow his stapler and then climbs on him and kisses him. Also in love is Aunt Jackie with the very unstable Peter (Matthew Broderick) and so much so, she bought him a three grand Vespa, which they have asked Dan to repair. All Dan sees is red flags as Jackie is supporting him. When Peter comes down to the Mexican restaurant to pay Dan for the parts, he writes out a check with Dan notes is a joint checking account. Peter makes up some bs about why they did it together and lets it slip Jackie is also paying his tuition. Again, this does not sit well with Dan at all. He always has been Jackie’s protector and even more so now that Roseanne is gone.

*One error: Becky jokes with Darlene she would not know great sex since she only slept with two people- David and now, Ben. That is not true as she slept with Jimmy in the original series and with Neil at the beginning of this series so just pointing it out.

Darlene goes to dinner at Ben’s but realizes he is very controlling when she must take her shoes off at the door, cannot drink the wine she wants, and cannot add salt to the food she is helping to make. This leads her to storm off and go to a coffee shop where she runs into David’s girlfriend, Blue (Juliette Lewis). She was supposed to be seeing David but he could not make it and Blue confesses they are having some problems as he cannot make his own decisions. That was one quality Darlene loved about him and eventually confides her problems with Ben. She tells her to relinquish some control and it could work out. The next day, she goes to work and tries to pretend like nothing happened but Ben wants to talk about it. They question if two alphas can work but both are willing to give it a try. Jackie confronts Dan about some threats he made towards Peter but he just lets her know he is protective and just doing what Roseanne would have. She says it’s better she is with someone or she will move in and along with her comes her mother, Bev. Dan will fix the Vespa just because he loves Jackie.

Next week, Becky helps Harris hide something from Darlene while Dan reunites with an old friend. Who can it be? Find out when the show airs Tuesday night at 8pm on ABC!

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