Previously On…RHONJ Season 9 Episode 5 What to Expect!

Previously On RHONJ, the women are still visiting a dear friend of Margaret’s in Oklahoma and the tensions are still running high between Melissa and Teresa as she is convinced brother, Joe won’t see their dad because of his wife. She feels she has further proof of this as he is spending time with pops now that the women are on vacation and Melissa is not around to influence the situation. But, a lighter side to all of this is when the women are all at a dinner and they play two truths and a lie and we learn super braggalicious newbie, Jennifer once crapped her pants so that was fun. It did not take away from her constant need to one-up Margaret’s friend, Polly by saying how many bathrooms she had and how she constantly checks her nanny’s purse, considers her like a wife, and resorts to bribery to stop her daughter from having a crying fit. Yes, she called to check in on her children and her daughter was crying because she missed mommy and when Jennifer said she would bring her a gift, the little girl brightened up and asked for the biggest and best.

The women soon partook in a heifer competition and groomed cows, playing salon with them. Jackie took home the prize and was thrilled but Margaret had to call out Jennifer on her constant need to one-up everyone on a constant basis. She said she insulted Polly’s home and generosity and it was uncalled for. Jennifer finally apologizes and does concede to sleep in the trailer after she has invited the women to come to a party to show off her home, which we will see this evening. Tonight, Teresa is still having troubles with her brother as she is convinced Melissa has control over him while the ladies finally get to see Jennifer’s lavish home she has been boasting about. But, is it everything she’s said it is and more? Find out tonight on Bravo at 9pm. Until then, here’s a sneak peek!



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