Previously On…Will and Grace Season 10 Episode 7 Recap!

Previously On Will and Grace, Grace learned Noah had a daughter but that he was in love with Grace while Jack decided to put on a brand-new production, Gaybraham Twinkin. You can keep up with all the excitement you may have missed right here.

Though Grace is totally fine with Noah having a daughter, Kate, age 12, she was very hurt by the fact he was not ready for the two to meet. He wanted Grace to focus on the headline of them being in love and nothing else but this is not how Grace operates and he needs to learn this. She is very hurt by his reaction but he tells her when the time is right, he will introduce her to Kate. In all fairness, it has only been two months and he is protective of his daughter, something Will says she should admire about him. Will’s mother, Marilyn, shows up unexpectedly and it is still strange that she is Grace’s stepmother. She has come to tell Will his brother has died and he is in a panic but it is only a fur-brother; the family dog passed away. He is mad his mother made it more than it was but she wanted him to be more emotional so Karen tells him to go buy Marilyn a small gift and he asks Karen to baby-sit his mom seeing as they both like drinking and stuff.

Jack needs to leave his job early so he asks his African-American boss if he can. They then begin a debate over who deals with the most adversity and faces the most troubles in life. More minorities join in and it becomes a free for all with women, the elderly; eventually, a regular white guy chimes in but he gets the door slammed in his face. While Karen and Marilyn are bonding, Grace goes to apologize to Noah but he has run out and Kate answers the door. She thinks Grace is her math tutor and Grace plays along. Eventually, she confesses who she is and Kate admits her dad has been much happier and they will keep it their secret they ever met. Noah comes home unexpectedly and Grace hides in the closet. Kate’s tutor called to cancel and he did not want her to be home alone but when he tries to open the closet, it is sealed shut until Grace is being pulled open with it. The truth comes out and he shares he does not believe in happy endings so she leaves but not after saying “Lady and the Tramp” had a very happy ending. She just wants hope.

Will surprises his mom with a new puppy but she is hurt and does not want it so they send Karen out to walk the adorable pup. All Marilyn really wants is love and attention from him as she got the dog after Will’s dad passed to keep her company. When Karen comes back up from the walk, she declares she is keeping the puppy and Will, as her lawyer, will have to fight to keep it and should draw up the papers. Marilyn tells her the dog is all hers. Grace is on the couch ordering Chinese and pizza when Noah knocks and lets her know there is a chance and asks her to go for a drink to which she agrees. But, what about all of the food? You can catch the show every Thursday night at 9pm on NBC.

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