Previously On…RHOC Season 13 Reunion Part 2 Recap!

Previously On the RHOC reunion part one, the drama went down! Vicki Gunvalson accused former friend, Kelly Dodd of being an inactive mother and doing cocaine. This was all in retaliation for Kelly saying Vicki was fat or calling her a “pig” on social media, very middle school and immature. You can keep up with the complete recap of part one of the reunion right here.

Tonight, the drama continues as Shannon cries over custody battles between her and ex, David and feuds continue to erupt. Furthermore, Kelly has threatened to quit the series via Twitter due to Vicki’s allegations since she feels this is the worse thing anyone could do. She does not want to work with anyone who could say such horrid trash about her, especially when she has a child and it is damaging to her reputation. If you follow Twitter, you will see many polls where people are asking who should stay: Vicki or Kelly and overwhelmingly, fans want Kelly to stay so we will see what way the wind blows. Come back for a full recap and do not miss the show tonight at 9pm on Bravo.

The reunion was not as exciting the secong time around as Shannon had the same shocked expression the entire time. Like “me? Are you serious? No way!” Or he infamous catchphrase, “Are you kidding me?” She claimed she did not know much about ex, David’s new girlfriend (lie), the divorce is not finalized as David did not hire an attorney, he has moved in with the new lady and she does have kids but that their three daughters do like the new woman so that is a big plus! One thing that came out via Tamra was Shannon was actively dating during the season as she was crying over David moving on and did have a boyfriend. We know she currently has a boyfriend, according to Instagram, or she did so we will see what happens with that situation.

We also learned there was a big fight with Shannon and Tamra during a trip to New York. Shannon wanted to stay in much more lavish accomodations than Bravo was paying for and this became a problem. She was also very demanding and was using Tamra’s make-up gal, taking up a lot of time and becoming a hindrance on the trip. This was a strain on their friendship and something seemingly never addressed before, leaving Shannon with her baffled face. Tamra also faced off with Emily over the golfing expedition for Shannon and Vicki’s joint birthdays when husbands were compared and Emily made a remark she had to leave and be with her kids but went elsewhere. What came out was she was headed to see Shane’s ex-wife to discuss custody but got the dates wrong hence why she was texting under the table during the day; she was not being malicious, resentful, or mean; she had her own private stuff she did not feel the need to share.

Emily also talked about being body shamed by viewers and being called fat, to which the women said that was ridiculous and they envied her body. Body issues were huge this season, no pun intended, as Shannon attempted to get her figure back. The question arose as to why she never went to Tamra’s gym but she said it was out of the way. She said she was always small so to be bigger was a big and hard adjustment. They then flashed to Jamaica and a rude comment made by Vicki when shirt shopping. She went to pick out a shirt for Shannon and said she would need an XL while Vicki was a medium. That was a mean jab but Shannon took it lightly. As for Vicki’s main jab which ended part one and kicked off part two aka claiming Kelly did cocaine? She said she had just heard it as a rumor and had no backing, apologized, and they put it to rest. As we all know, it does not mean much because Kelly is now ready to not return.

This part was much of a snoozefest and fans were not that happy but next week, feathers continue to fly for part 3! Are you ready and what did you think? Are you #TeamKelly or #TeamVicki? Let us know!

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