Previously On…Mom Season 6 Episode 9 Recap!

Previously On Mom, Christy found out her estranged daughter, Violet was doing a not-so-kind podcast about her life growing up with Christy as a drunk. You can catch up with the whole episode right here, in case you missed a single moment.

Tammy (Kristen Johnston) has been battling extreme tooth pain but her housemate, Marjory is headed to a sober convention in Canada so she cannot take her to the dentist. As per usual, no one else wants to be giving of their time so Bonnie becomes the weakest link. At the same time, Christy learns her professor (Alimi Ballard) is offering a summer internship at his law firm (so “Legally Blonde” of him) and she realizes that, out of all of the students in her class, she is the best pick. She announces this to all of her AA friends and they are frankly tired of confident Christy. It is time for Tammy to go to the dentist and she runs out into the waiting room where Bonnie is ripping recipes from a magazine, much to the dismay of the receptionist. Tammy lets her know the dentist has big plans for her mouth which includes anesthesia and root canals, all which she believes conflict with her sobriety. Bonnie explains she can go under and be fine but, in terms of painkillers, she will have to be monitored.

Christy realizes she has one big competition in her class, another female, but they have a mock trial coming up where Christy is the prosecution and her classmate is the defense. She decides to practice and rehearse for Adam and Jill who start talking about Angie Harmon then completely forget about Christy to find out whatever happened to Angie Harmon. Bonnie comes in and asks Christy what the case is about and it just so happens to be about a drug dealer. Her mom laughs and reminds her they have experience on this subject, firsthand so she will be fine but Tammy…she is another story. She decided she will only take Tylenol so she attempts to take the whole bottle out of pain, which Bonnie makes her spit out. It is time to go get the real painkillers.

At the pharmacy, Tammy makes it known she needs her pills now and attempts to cut the line. Bonnie calls Marjory to see when she will be back from Canada and it looks like she is there more for pleasure than anything else. Bonnie is now in charge of making sure Tammy stays on the straight and narrow and remember, Bonnie traveled this super highway a few seasons ago when she pulled out her back and ultimately relapsed. She refuses to let this happen to Tammy, no matter how hard they bicker and it is proof they really have become like sisters. In class, Christy outshines her competition and reveals, in her argument, she lived the drug dealing lifestyle, was a stripper, and all of her demons. The competition says she came from a broken home (eye roll from Christy).

In the end, Christy’s professor wants to meet with her and reveals her competition has landed the internship. Christy asks if it is because she shared her tainted past during mock trial but he cuts her off to say his firm would like to offer Christy a paid summer job. She rushes to her AA meeting to tell everyone then leaves to go to ger Gamblers Anonymous meeting. At the AA meeting, Bonnie comes to a big revelation she must share with everyone: AA is about helping others and everyone should know that, if they do not already and she is happy to make them aware. She is something else.

Next week, Tammy goes on her first post-prison, sober date. So, what could go wrong? Everything! Don’t miss the show every Thursday night at 9pm on CBS.

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