Previously On…Jersey Shore: Family Vacation Part 2 Episode 15 What to Expect!

Previously On Jersey Shore: Family Vacation Part 2, we have to travel back two weeks as last week was Thanksgiving. Yet, the cast did give us some gifts during their time off. Let’s start with Snooki. The pint-sized party animal shared some big news on Instagram over the holiday that she and husband, Jionni were adding to their brood and expecting meatball number three. This means she and Deena are preggers together so congratulations to them. At the same time, Ronnie also announced he and his on/off-again girlfriend, Jen Harley are also expecting once again. Yes, baby number two is apparently on the way according to interviews and both of their social media accounts so, um, yay. Even though they have spent most of season two beating the crap out of each other, talking to lawyers, and getting warrants, this news was quite unexpected but to each their own. Some sad news on the JS front was the official announcement from Jenni that her son has autism, hence why he has been non-verbal but she is very pro-active and it appears, despite filing for divorce from husband, Roger, a short time ago, the couple will continue to co-parent in a positive manner. Now, onto the show.

We are still at Headliners and there is a burger challenge, which Mike will, of course, take on. A chance to eat and be rewarded for it; how could he not? He spends most of the time delecting in the burger but Snooki, who we all know has been partying her ass off, ends up vomiting. She claims she never pukes though I remember her puking season one of the original show and Sammi not wanting her puke breath on her so this is a lie. It is all leading up to Snooki sharing she and Jionni are trying for another baby so that begs the question of why is she drinking like a sorority girl? She takes a test, which comes out negative, leaving her sad but we all know there is a totally different outcome to this story.

Headliners should be where the show always takes place and Snooki should have just rented it out because they are back with Ronnie all frustrated as Jen is blowing up his phone, per usual. She is sending photos of Sammi with her boyfriend, happy as can be and pointing out how she cannot wait to find someone to make her this happy and help her raise their baby. I would say DNA test for baby number two, Ron. This is when he is introduced to Angelina’s friend, Jewish Barbie. Though the other single guys of the house have been trying to make a play for her, it is Ron who ultimately tries to jump in and make his move. He asks her if she wants to go swimming and she does then shares with Angelina she thinks Ronnie is the hottest of the guys. So, she is blind and probably knows Vinny is off-limits, according to girl code with her friend. Ron decides he will go to bed because this will lead to bad decisions until he sees Jewish Barbie (real name Lindsay) in her bikini and we have a situation.

The roomies cannot help but watch the show of Ronnie in the pool which leads to the hot tub and when Jewish Barbie asks if he is single, he opts to smoke instead. Classy. Vinny and Pauly take on the narration tasks and believe this will be another French Fry situation. As this is occurring, Jenni gets a text from Jen who cannot reach Ronnie. Well, gee, think about your behavior and why he may not want to talk to you. The roomies continue to watch the show, as it is going down, with Mike making popcorn; any excuse to eat and eventually, she borrows a shirt from Ron, he says she can sleep in his bed and proclaims his life is gone. So, we can only guess what happens next. Tonight, the roomies decide it is time to kidnap Deena, even though she is super preggers. Here’s a sneak peek and do not miss the show at 8pm on MTV!



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