Previously On…RHONJ Season 9 What to Expect Episode 4!

Previously On RHONJ, we have started a whole new season of Jersey drama with the ladies but we have a few newbies. Enter Jennifer Aydin, wife of a plastic surgeon and mother to five children, who loves to shop and has a penchant for the finer things in life. We also have Jackie Goldschneider who is much more relatable and likable but do not let her sweet blonde locks fool you; she is a tough chick who revealed a bout with anorexia. Next to RHONY season eight housewife, Jules Wainstein, she is probably the only other housewife to come clean about an eating disorder and for that, we applaud her.  She is mama to two sets of twins and has a background in law so, like RHOC’s Emily Simpson, she will be keeping receipts. Back for more are Teresa Giudice, Melissa Gorga, Margaret Josephs, and Dolores Catania (sans Siggy). Teresa’s biggest issue this season, aside from husband Joe still being locked up and word is he will be deported back to Italy, is that her father is living with her now that her mom has passed and she feels she shoulders most of the burden. This goes along with raising her four daughters and just wishes brother, Joe would step up to the plate more. Fast forward to last week and a trip to Oklahoma which left another deep rift between Melissa and Teresa and friends divided.

Because Teresa was heading out of town, she asked Joe to come see their father. She felt it was very important and brought up how hurt she was that Melissa and Joe went on vacation on the one-year anniversary of their mother’s passing, a sacred day in the Italian tradition. It seemed as though Teresa just wanted to hate on Melissa. Margaret planned this trip to Oklahoma as she has some business dealings to handle and a friend has a gorgeous home there so why not make an adventure out of it? Teresa definitely does not want to go but obliges. She is bitter from the jump because she believes Melissa should be more proactive in getting Joe to go to see his father but he is his own man and has made no secret of that. What we learn in Oklahoma is Jennifer is even more high maintenance than anyone ever anticipated and may not make it through this trip. It’s all about what she has and how much better she is than everyone else but don’t worry; this will get old really fast.

When it is time for a good old Oklahoma dinner, Jackie gets candid about her eating disorder and we see photos from her wedding and how scary skinny she was. She does not see to want pity or sympathy but rather to show the ladies how far she’s come and to educate. She’s the most humble and down-to-earth, refreshing addition to the show and I am happy to have her. Melissa shares she spoke to a psychic and she may have a secret sister she never knew about who showed up at her father’s funeral, sobbing in the background. This may have been what set off Teresa because she wants to believe she is the only one in anyone’s life because the next day, she was out to get her sister-in-law. A conversation that could have been had in private became a public affair and not a good situation.

Teresa accused Melissa of being the reason Joe never sees his dad because, now that the women are away, he is actually going to see their father. This is now proving her theory, in some twisted Teresa way, that when Melissa is around, she keeps him from his other family. Teresa erupts and Melissa lets her know this should be a private matter but she is literally making Joe go crazy by constantly harassing him. Dolores jumps in to defend Teresa (not your battle, sit your behind back down) while Jackie is a great ally to Melissa. The women go and do outdoorsy things but, at this point, you just want to leave Teresa in Oklahoma and never see her face again. Is she jealous because Melissa has her husband around? There’s a lot Teresa did for her man which landed her in super hot water and she is still defending him. She is not one to even open her mouth about Melissa and Joe and, if she actually looked at their marriage, she would see Joe wants Melissa at home, cooking and cleaning not out and working. So, she cannot tell him what to do and vice versa.

Tonight, Margaret finally calls Jennifer out on her crap! Take a look and do not forget to catch the show at 9pm on Bravo!



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