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Previously On The Conners, we watched the family mourn the loss of matriarch, Roseanne. This had to happen as the revival of the series was initially canceled after racist tweets made by actress, Roseanne Barr. It was soon revamped to The Conners, sans Roseanne, killing of the original namesake via an opioid overdose, something Roseanne had revealed prior to the debut episode. The ratings had sunk and so had the likability for the show. Despite the talents of John Goodman (Dan), Laurie Metcalf (Jackie), and surprising comedic chops of Lecy Goranson (Becky), the show has just floundered, hence why I stopped recapping it after episode two. It literally lost me but we left off with Darlene’s soon-to-be ex-husband, David moving back to town with girlfriend, Blue (Juliette Lewis), much to Darlene’s frustration. Under Blue’s care, David and Darlene’s oldest child, Harris, lost her virginity and this was a moment she wanted to share with her as the past year, moving from Chicago to Lanford, hadn’t been rainbows and butterflies. You can catch up with all you may have missed right here.

Since then, Justin Long has appeared as Darlene’s love interest, Neil. But, everyone around her noticed he was quite weak and subservient, much like a young David so she clearly has a type. She has been trying to do her best as a single parent and waitress at the casino but it has not been easy. The show had a Halloween episode, something Roseanne was always known for but this one was lackluster. Matthew Broderick made an appearance as Jackie’s new boyfriend but the critical issue was Darlene’s gender-bending son being unable to attend the school carnival dressed as Frida. Dan has been trying to cope with the grief over losing his wife and DJ’s wife, Gina has been encouraging everyone to attend church. But, last week was one of the best episodes probably all season that really revived the series and may have given it an extra chance.

Becky has had a clear drinking problem since the original series was revived in 2017, due to the loss of husband, Mark. She was then told she had a five percent chance of every conceiving, especially at 43 so that left her even more down. She took a job with her dad as a drywaller but had to stay sober. One night, the family went to the Mexican restaurant she works at, much like they always do, and the thought of any of the food turned her stomach. Dan was convinced she was hungover but the next day, she was thrilled to be able to share she was pregnant. Unfortunately, she was let go from her job with her dad due to the chemicals and he insisted she tell the baby daddy. This was devastating because she did not have her mom to share the big news with and now she felt betrayal from her own family. At the same time, Darlene broke it off with Neil so no one was really winning. Becky confided in Jackie she did not know who the dad was: either the manager of the restaurant or a busboy so she decided it was the manager for monetary sake. She told him but he revealed he had a vasectomy so no-go. The adorable busboy, who spoke very little English came out and said he was excited about the baby and wanted to help. He once had a great job in his country until he came to America but still wanted to help, which Becky declined. A lesbian couple she waits on decided they want the baby and will offer to have her in the babies life but, by the end, it appeared she was doing it on her own.

As for Darlene, she found a job as a writer for a smut magazine that published all the criminal happenings in town and has found a boss who can keep up with her. I smell love and he is definitely love interest material because he takes no crap and is smart so win-win. Tonight, Becky catches up with Andrea from season one (Sarah Chalke aka Becky #2) who had hired her to be a surrogate but let her go after her pregnancy chances were super low. At the same time, Jackie gets Dan to build a chicken coop so they can eat organic eggs and Darlene deals with an icky casino customer. Should be a good time and this show has a lot to prove since it got an extra episode buy. Come back for the complete recap and don’t forget to watch the show at 8pm on ABC!

So, Becky is pregnant and clearly nervous about the financial aspect when Andrea shows up. She hired a successful surrogate and is now a thriving mother…or so Becky thinks. Despite all of Andrea’s money and help, she hates being a mom. It is one of the hardest jobs ever and it really makes Becky rethink what she is going to do. When she shares she is preggers with Andrea, she retracts all of her negative statements and claims it is a joy. At the Conner home, the permit has arrived for the family to raise chickens and build a coop, something Jackie has set up for them. The only way Dan agrees to it is by seeing Mark’s excitement at the thought of having pets. Down at the casino, Crystal is back as a waitress for retirement was very hard for her and what is even harder is a nasty customer who just wants Darlene to constantly bend over and show her goodies for tips. Everyone is seemingly struggling with their life choices and Becky is finally given the offer from her lesbian couple customers about raising the baby, with her as a part of its life. She is taken aback but ultimately decides she is going to do it because it is what is best for the baby and it will still allow her to be a mom in some fashion.

At the same time, Darlene is growing closer to her new boss at the newspaper, who is teaching her some moves to deal with frisky customers. However, the sexual tension gets a little too much and he has to stop before any moves are made. Later in the evening, after Becky has made the grand decision to give her baby up, she goes home and wakes up Darlene, needing to tell her what she has just done. The couple were girls they both went to high school with and the truth is that Becky is a drunk. She confesses not drinking has been the hardest part of this pregnancy and this s what scares her the most. Darlene reminds her how fast she was able to stop drinking when she found out she was pregnant and she would always have her sister’s back, no matter what. With some jokes and familial bonding, Becky decides she will raise the baby on her own.

The chickens begin to pose a problem for Dan and Jackie reveals she got the coop so she would still have a reason to come by with Roseanne gone. Dan reassured her she is family and never had to go anywhere- and the chickens can stay. Darlene’s boss comes to see her at the casino, offering to beat up the sleazy customer and she feels he wants to do this in a boyfriend way. He denies it and turns it on her as if she wants to be his girlfriend. She goes over to the customer who makes some rude comment, she throws a drink in his face, he threatens to get her fired, she quits, and she tells her newspaper boss he has to give her a raise and medical. And all is right with the world except Becky has to tell an angry couple they are not getting the baby that they really want. Next week, it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas but Dan is skepical of Peter (Matthew Broderick). Let’s see how that plays out!

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