Previously On…RHOC Season 13 Reunion Preview and Recap!

Previously On RHOC, we watched the season 13 finale which included a femme fatale party, a family reunion, and birth control talk. There was still a lot of animosity between Gina and Tamra, which Gina could sense so when she had the chance, she asked Tamra if they could have a meeting. Emily was planning a femme fatale party, as she has a side job as a party planner. Though in real life, she and Tamra are in an Instagram war, Tamra used to use Emily for her party planning services and this is seemingly how the new cast member came to the show. The ladies were at a sex shop picking out costumes and such when Emily got a call from Gina and put Tamra on the spot so they could reconcile all of the gossip about Shannon. As you may recall, Gina told Shannon there was a lot of talk in Jamaica from her friends about her mental state and Shannon twisted it, causing a rift between Tamra and the newbie. On the Shannon front, she was still recovering from eye surgery and having her three daughters test new recipes for her healthy QVC food line. At the same time, the eldest child, Sophie, 17 asked if she could go on birth control; not for sex but for bad cramps and acne. Plus, all of her friends are on it so why not? Shannon screeched about how bad these hormones are for her as she is still swollen and messed up from her plastic surgery so there was that.

Emily’s mom came to town and there has been much talk throughout the season about how their relationship is strained due to mom’s mental health. It seemed like she never met Emily’s youngest children, twin boys but it seems like she was there for the birth so it’s a bit confusing. Vicki brought boyfriend, Steve and his mom, Helga as well as his daughter, Amanda and her boyfriend, to the femme fatale party where she kept going on and on about marriage. Helga wished her luck on that because it’s never happening. She wondered if anyone would notice her new face. Yes, we all noticed and Gina said she got rid of the “gobble wobble.” Kelly brought her new boyfriend who has a Ph.D. aka a pretty huge d**k and Shannon left early to go to a Bret Michaels concert. It was not the best finale but only because we all knew the reunion was coming up and there is a lot of heat. Vicki accuses Kelly of using cocaine, Shannon has finally seen all of the bad stuff Tamra said about her, and so much more. Kelly has even said she will not return for a 14th season if Vicki is there and now Twitter has many polls as to who they want back: Vicki or Kelly. Here’s a sneak peek!



The reunion starts at 9pm tonight! Yes, Sunday night not Monday night on Bravo and we will be there for all of the craziness so do not miss it!

So, it was time for part one of the reunion and Emily, being the lawyer that she is, brought a binder, with receipts. Fortunately, she did not have to use it for this segment as it was all about Kelly, Vicki, and a little bit of everyone mixed in. Shannon talked about how much weight she had lost and how much she has to go while Gina shared she and Matt have yet to tell their three young children about the divorce. They just tell the kids they are working when she leaves to go to her casita on the weekends. To each their own. The big drama came with Vicki and Steve- will they ever get married. He has been married three times already and she has been wed twice so it is only fair he is not so ready to jump into a fourth marriage, especially at 60. Almost all of the women believe the duo will tie the knot except for Kelly who just does not see it in their future. Emily chimed in and said they seem like a happy couple and it works for them. There were some flashbacks to the season and how many ladies felt Vicki still loved Brooks and how he was truly the love of her life; she even said she regretted divorcing second husband, Donn. She clarified she left Donn for Brooks which was a huge mistake because he was a con artist (remember, he did fake cancer, hit on her daughter, etc) so she believes she wasted her time. But, she did light up with him, something she does not do with Steve. We soon learned she is suing Brooks for all the money he took from her and she has an Excel spreadsheet outlining what he owes her. Kelly questioned if he has anything and I questioned if this was just a way for her to see him again now that he has moved on and is married to someone else.

The conversation soon turned to Steve talking ill to Page Six about Kelly and how Vicki broke girl code by double dating with Kelly’s ex-husband, Michael. All the girls agreed what Vicki did was wrong but Vicki was mad at Kelly for calling her a pig in a tweet and for comparing her to a fart at the reunion; “silent but deadly.” That was when Vicki claimed Kelly did cocaine and never spent time with daughter, Jolie, hearsay from Michael. She went onto say she was angry for what Kelly said and wanted to get back at her so it was all very high school, leaving Kelly in tears. Vicki claimed she had not seen Michael in six months but shortly before that, she said she saw him in July; the reunion was filmed in October. Kelly went backstage and called her ex to share what Vicki had said and he adamantly denied he ever said a negative word to Vicki and she was a clear liar. The women tried to explain to Vicki you cannot make up lies like that or even allude to rumors so harsh and now, Kelly is saying she won’t return to the show, according to tweets as of last night. Next Sunday, the reunion continues with Kelly returning and even more secrets exposed and we will be there! Are you Team Vicki or Team Kelly? Let us know!

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