Previously On…RHOC What to Expect Season 13 Finale!

Previously On RHOC, it was a hot mess when Emily decided to invite a cup reader to her house. Tamra still had some anger towards Gina after she believed she stirred the pot by gossiping to Shannon about Tamra’s concerns regarding her mental health. Shannon, as always, played the victim and spun it in her own head and Tamra, as per usual, developed amnesia and said she never said half of the things she really did. Vicki and Tamra both were unkind about Shannon’s mental state in Jamaica so no one was innocent. Did Gina have to open her mouth? No. But, she does not know how these women operate and manipulate so she was naive. Tamra sat at the cup reading with a sour puss the entire time and acted like psychics were not to be believed but I seem to remember a psychic friend telling her, Meghan, and Heather about Vicki’s ex, Brooks not having cancer. Oh well. Moving on.

Vicki and Shannon were not there because they were still recovering from their plastic surgery and Vicki’s son, Michael was livid because no one told him until after the fact. We also learned Vicki had life insurance on her ex-husband, Donn which she pays into every month. Okay then. Kelly and ex, Michael reunited for daughter, Jolie’s play and it was the most touching moment. They showed exes can still be happy together and I hope this continues to give Gina hope. Speaking of, she was getting ready to celebrate her 34th birthday but was in a transition as she and Matt are alternating living in a casita on the weekends. This would be the first birthday in 11 years they would not be together and it was hard so she was planning a great birthday for herself and invited all the women.

Gina was great, getting the venue early to plan everything and make sure it looked perfect for her sad friend. Being away from her three kids on the weekends is definitely taking a toll on Gina but she is doing what she needs to for the divorce. She arrives at her party location with some friends, Kelly soon joins but Tamra is nowhere to be seen. Where is Tamra? She has decided to dress up like an old lady and go party at a recovering Vicki’s with Shannon soon joining. It is a way to make fun of the way that Gina and Emily have taken jabs at their ages while in Jamaica. During all of the “old lady fun,” which includes enemas, Tamra gets FaceTime calls from Kelly and Gina, asking where she is. She “realizes” she has forgotten to call Gina. There are now two parties going on and only one I wanted to be at and it was a birthday party!

Tonight, it is the season 13 finale and Gina will come face-to-face with Shannon. Are you ready for this? Here’s a preview and do not miss the actual show at 9pm on Bravo!



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