Previously On…Will and Grace Season 10 Episode 6 Recap!

Previously On Will and Grace, Grace revealed a traumatic high school secret to her father on a road trip to see her mom’s grave while Jack celebrated his bachelor party with Karen and Will at Miss Coco’s. What was the secret and who ultimately became his best man? You can find out right here!

Now that Grace and Noah are serious, she tells him to bring over some SkinnyGirl wine and asks Will to grab a special sandwich for her. When Noah knocks on the door and Will answers, they realize they have been set up by Grace. A huge debate about “West Side Story” ensues but soon, Will has to run to the other room. As he is returning, he hears Noah on the phone with another girl telling her he loves her. Furious, Will confronts him. It turns out, Noah has a 12-year-old daughter and has yet to tell Grace, mainly because he thought they were just going to sleep together at first and then it turned into something and did not want to tell her and have her get mad for not telling her in the beginning. He says to give him 24 hours and he will tell Grace.

Jack announces he is writing a play called “Gaybraham Twinkin” and Karen will produce it. He is in full-on Jack mode and it is fabulous. Karen is supportive until she finds out he has invited all of her Conservative Republican friends like the Huckabee Sanders and such. That’s when she becomes a diva and replaces him with Jon Cryer. This turns their friendship sour. After Grace comes back from dinner with Noah, Will is ready with tissues, wine, and snacks for her full breakdown but she is fine except for soup being spilled on her skirt. Turns out Noah never told her about his daughter and Will won’t say anything because he swore he wouldn’t but finally, he does. Noah shows up and he says he did not want to say anything until he knew what was going on with them and now he has feelings for her.

Grace says she was with too many emotionally unstable men and cannot do it anymore. He has 24 seconds to say how he feels or she is done. She starts counting down despite him talking over her and as she gets to one, he says he loves her. She asks what he said and he tells her she heard him; she says she did and now they are both very happy. As for Karen and Jack, they watch Jon Cryer perform the play and she is so touched by the words, she tells Jack it is his play and he should perform it the way he intended. And all is right with the world. The show will not be on next week to observe Thanksgiving but will return the following Thursday on NBC at 9pm.

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