Previously On…Mom Season 6 Episode 8 Recap!

Previously On Mom, Tammy was becoming a burden to both Christy and Bonnie while Marjory needed a new companion so Bonnie was able to find a solution and join a club. At the same time, Jill cleansed her sorted life with the help of Christy and Wendy. You can get all of the details right here.

Living with your mom at 40 can be tough, especially if your mom is Bonnie Plunkett. Christy is sharing some horror stories with her law school study buddy who tells her there is a podcast about a girl who only tells these types of crazy tales. Intrigued, Christy decides to listen and finds out it is none other than her estranged daughter, Violet. As you may recall, Violet moved home after living in Reno as a blackjack dealer then promising to marry a foreign man for ten grand with no intentions of actually going through with the wedding. She blew most of the money, caught mono, and called Christy to come back and get her. When she came home, she was super lazy so her solution was to get back with former stoner boyfriend, Luke who got her pregnant in high school and was now very successful. Now, Christy had not talked to her in over a year, because Violet needed space and had changed her number.

She is mortified and shares this information with the ladies at her meeting. Marjory can relate as her son once brought her mugshot in for show and tell. They all pile into Christy’s car to listen and eventually stop until Bonnie learns there is one dedicated to her and how great of a grandma she was. Bonnie catches Christy binging all of the podcasts and tells her to call Violet as she has her new number. Of course she does. She leaves a very shaky message but does not get a return call. Rather, she learns from her study buddy that Violet has played the voicemail on her podcast and the classmate is so excited that she knows the world’s worst mom. She even wants a photo with Bonnie, which Christy has to take. Meanwhile, Adam is preparing for the opening of his new bar and is starting to panic. He has tested beers and is a little drunk when Bonnie goes to check on him and thinks he made a big mistake. As much as she wants to say she told him so, she reminds him of the passion he had when he decided to dump all of his money into the bar and all of the things he has overcome in life.

When Christy fails to hear from Violet, she and Bonnie go to her apartment. They discover she is no longer with Luke and Violet is hurt that Christy would think she could not live on her own in an okay situation. Christy tells her she is doing really well and is in law school now; not the mom who “raised” her. Violet decides if she wants to tell her side, she can tell the world and breaks out her podcast equipment. Bonnie is shocked at how little is needed to make a podcast and wants to start her own. Like with the voicemail, Christy starts off shaky (and Bonnie says “hi” to all of her fans) but we see her getting into the groove of it all and Violet clearly is touched by her mom’s transformation. However, after she tells her mom her life has been so much better without her in it. She had to raise herself and did not really get to be a kid. She kind of forgets this was how Christy was raised so it was a pattern that was repeated but she thanks her mom and they leave. Christy breaks down in the hallway, hugs her mom, but Bonnie reminds her five years ago, they would not even be speaking and this moment would not be possible so there is hope.

At Adam’s bar, there are a lot of people. Unfortunately, they are all Bonnie’s friends from AA so no one is ordering alcohol. He feels like he opened a lemonade stand. Tammy is doing all of the maintenance and is having herself a ball so maybe it will all work out in the end. Next week, it is Thanksgiving so the show will not be on but will return the 29th. Do not forget to watch it Thursdays at 9pm on CBS.

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