Previously On…Jersey Shore: Family Vacation Part 2 What to Expect Episode 14!

Previously On Jersey Shore: Family Vacation Part 2, the whole idea was to get Angelina and Vinny to hook up once again. At least, that was what Jenni and Snooki had on their minds. Wow, what a great friend Snooki is to try and ruin Angelina’s engagement to Chris. But first, Snooki’s drunken self, aka “Dren” was in full explosion and embarrassment mode. Getting her back to the house after a fancy steakhouse dinner and drinks was a difficult feat for all but they succeeded, somehow. They end up at Headliners where Angelina proceeds to flirt with Vinny. I am starting to think this is all for show and even though he acts repulsed or disinterested, there is a small part of him that likes the game. She gives him a lapdance or tries to. There is a lot of trying on this show; trying to keep Snooki contained, trying to hit on Vinny, Jenni and Snooki trying to get Vinny and Angelina to get it on.

Somehow, Angelina and Vinny start to bicker but I think this is foreplay for them because he rips his pants off and asks if she wants to have sex right then and there. Though she says no, she does wrestle him and, according to Vinny, grabs his crotch for the second time in the episode. Now that this is finally over, sans sex, the next day begins with Mike taking Jenni to a rehab speaking engagement though she is still drunk from the evening prior. That’s just a great look but they do meet some amazingly inspiring people who hopefully will get everyone in the house to slow down just a bit but I doubt it. At the house, Angelina is in the confessional where she says that Vinny clearly loves her and everyone sees it while Vinny is in the other room talking about how much he hates her. Snooki says to Angelina she needs to say she is sorry for grabbing his crotch but in all fairness, Snooki cannot say anything because she was basically egging them both on to touch one another.

An angry Angelina mutters something to Vinny about being drunk and not knowing why he was mad at her and then tries to kind of apologize and then he just says it’s fine and before you know it, it is time to go to Jenks. Vinny is not playing when it comes to Angelina staying away from him and he makes it known he can get her thrown off of the show because he is a bigger cast member than she is. I do not doubt that but the drama between the two of them is so fun to watch, producers would be crazy to let it go. Plus, they could remind him he did sleep with her on his own accord once so…It is now Sunday dinner and FINALLY, Pauly has returned from his DJ tour and Vinny is thrilled but Angelina has to kill the dinner and the reunion by talking about how much Vinny loves and wants her, is all over her. At this point, he snaps back with the point that she was all up on him, grabbing his parts and now, the house is in chaos. Welcome back, Pauly. Tonight, Ronnie starts his single Ronnie ways but is he really single? Here’s a sneak peek and do not miss the show at 8pm on MTV!



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