Previously On…DWTS Season 27 Who’s Going to the Finale?

Previously On DWTS, we watched two couples get eliminated to make way for the semi-finals. Those who said good-bye were John Schneider and DeMarcus Ware but you can get the complete breakdown right here.

Left to dance during last night’s semi-finals were Alexis Ren, Bobby Bones, Juan Pablo Di Pace, Milo Manheim, Joe Amabile, and Evanna Lynch. It started out with a dedication dance and it was super cute because, though Alexis dedicated the season to her mom, she dedicated her waltz to partner (and new love), Alan. The second dance was Judge’s Choice, with a coach mentoring the couples and in the end, the scores were tallied together. This is how everyone scored for the night:

  • Alexis and Alan: 58/60
  • Bobby and Sharna: 45/60
  • Joe and Jenna: 46/60
  • Juan Pablo and Cheryl: 60/60
  • Evanna and Keo: 58/60
  • Milo and Witney: 55/60

Three stars were in jeopardy of being sent home: Alexis, Joe, and Juan Pablo. Juan Pablo caused gasps from the audience because he has been extremely consistent from the beginning and did outstanding in the semi-finals so this was a huge shock. In the end, two couples were sent home and those two were…Joe/Jenna and Juan Pablo/Cheryl. It was devastating to everyone to see Juan Pablo leave. But, there has not been a season where something like this has not happened and someone who should have made it to the finale did not. This only proves how important voting is. Just because you think your favorite couple is safe does not mean that they are. This means Alexis, Bobby, Evanna, and Milo will be in the finale next Monday. My pick to win is Milo and I’m secretly hoping for a marriage proposal from Alan, just saying. What do you think? Tune in Monday night at 8pm on ABC to see who will go home with the coveted Mirror Ball Trophy!

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