Previously On…RHOC What to Expect Season 13 Episode 17!

Previously On RHOC, the women had returned from Jamaica and what better thing to do than get a little nip and tuck. At least, that is what Shannon and Vicki opted for though Shannon seemingly needs to work on the inside more than the outside after what we saw on the trip. She got her eyelids lifted and it was hard for her not having a partner to take care of her post-op though Kelly was there prior to surgery. Post-op, Shannon’s eldest daughter, Sophie was by her mother’s side to give her ice and whatever she needed so that should make her feel like she did something right in the world. Vicki did a facelift, much against boyfriend, Steve’s wishes. We got to see the evolution of Vicki’s changing face and he just wanted to know this would be the last time she would be going under the knife. Of course, Vicki “forgot” to tell her doctor she had undergone several surgeries growing up inside her ear and skull which he learned about after the fact through Steve when the surgery took longer than expected. She can do as many surgeries as she wants but these women do not realize it is what is inside that counts.

Steve had the daunting task of taking care of his beloved, beer in hand, at a hotel near the surgical center, per doctor’s orders. Back in the OC, Tamra was talking to Eddie about how much their lives have changed since his heart problem and how he can’t perform sexually because of the pills he has to take. She told him he has a lot of making up to do and then it was time to get ready for her son, Spencer’s 18th birthday party. He is her golden child; he does not act up, do any drugs or drink, he gets good grades, and is off to community college as he was waitlisted from UCLA. His friends and her family all showed up to honor him for a fiesta and he just seems like a good kid with a good head on his shoulders.

Gina and Kelly went to go visit a recovering Shannon where Gina brought up things that were said about Shannon’s mental health in Jamaica. She acted like she was super concerned but all I could see was a pot being stirred and Shannon was definitely offended because she phoned both Kelly and Tamra afterward, leading Tamra to confront Gina. Fortunately, Kelly had Gina’s back and was able to confirm Shannon was twisting everything that had been said. Maybe Gina was a pot stirrer but Shannon was a confused bird. As for Emily, she and Shane went to therapy to try to come to terms with her need and desire for another baby, something he was not about in any way. Her five miscarriages were discussed and it came up that she was given a box when she miscarried twins about four months into her pregnancy. It has the birth and death certificates of the twins, a boy and a girl, and though Shane has looked in the box, Emily never has. The counselor encourages her to go through it and maybe come to peace with the lives lost.

At home, Emily asks her nanny to watch her three kids while Shane retrieves the box and she opens it for the first time. She sees the little hand and footprints, as well as a letter she never knew was in there from her grandmother. There are so many emotions though Shane is quite stoic but it seemingly helps her release even more that she was holding inside. She puts the box away and goes to hug her kids even tighter. Not saying she has given up on having the second girl yet but maybe Emily has temporarily shelved the idea, knowing how blessed she really is. Tonight, Tamra is having some issues with the ladies while Kelly comes face to face with ex-husband, Michael. Don’t forget to watch it at 9pm on Bravo. Here’s a sneak peek.



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