Previously On…Mom Season 6 Episode 7 Recap!

Previously On Mom, Bonnie became addicted to tattoos while Jill and Christy’s friendship became fractured over a gambling debt. You can catch up with everything, including Tammy’s continuous fixer-upper mishaps, right here.

The ladies are out to lunch and Marjory is not eager to go home since Victor has passed so Bonnie asks if she would like to come over and spend some time the following afternoon. Marjory eagerly accepts and goes in for a hug, one that lasts way too long for Bonnie’s liking. Tammy (Kristen Johnston) is also adjusting to her new life, the one outside if prison, and this includes holding possession of the salt shaker. While she is holding on, Jill is purging and invites the ladies to a closet party where she will be getting rid of things she does not need, with the exception of her purses and jewelry. Bonnie is immediately out. Christy comes downstairs the next morning only to find Tammy still in bed aka the pull-out couch. This is becoming just too much for her so Christy asks Bonnie what the plan is and she says she does not have one just yet. She wants her mom to throw her out but she cannot say that because then she would feel bad about herself until Tammy asks for more cereal. Of course, Tammy tells Christy how grateful she is for them taking her in and Christy says she can stay as long as wants. Marjory arrives and is ready for a day of fun, along with a puzzle.

Christy and Wendy show up to help Jill with her closet and they had no idea it was a hot mess in there. They ask if she fired her maid but she said she won’t let her in the closet after she caught her trying on a hat mocking her. Christy instructs Jill to get trash bags and now they will get to work. At Bonnie’s home, she, Marjory, and Tammy and Tammy is shocked Marjory was ever in prison. Marjory reveals she robbed a bank so she could buy concert tickets while Tammy says she robbed an Outback Steakhouse because she was high and there was an OS. Marjory has very strict rules for doing a puzzle which obviously ticks Bonnie off even more than just doing this puzzle until she gets a whole part together and then all is right in the puzzle world.

In Jill’s closet, any time she is going to give Christy something, the moment she sees is looking great on her friend, she changes her mind. It gets emotional when she sees things from when she got divorced and then her wedding dress is unzipped. To add to the sadness, they find the box with all of Jill’s maternity clothes from when she was pregnant and had her miscarriage. No wonder she kept relapsing. She buried her emotions like she buried these clothes and memories. Jill looks at her closet as a museum of her failures but Christy thinks it is amazing Jill has a chandelier and a water fridge in her closet. Jill says she is a trainwreck and shops to distract herself but Christy reminds her that she is in two 12-step programs; Jill relapsed after three years. These are things she needs to share not keep bottled up so Christy tells her the pity party is over.

While doing the puzzle, Tammy reveals, while Bonnie was in the bathroom, she and Marjory have named it Puzzle Club and they wish they could meet every day. Bonnie starts complaining she does not see Adam enough so Marjory gets upset because her husband just died and it was her last chance at love. Tammy reassures her she will be fine and asks about her cancer. In Jill’s closet, they can see the floor so she offers to take Wendy and Christy out but they let her know they have to work. She says it is Saturday night and that does not make sense so they encourage her to get a job but she is not sure what she could do since she hates everything. While Puzzle Club is wrapping up, Marjory and Tammy are connecting and this gives Bonnie the idea the puzzlers should live together. They love the idea and now everyone is happy.

Jill, Christy, and Wendy go to a women’s shelter to drop off all of the bags from Jill’s closet and the director is shocked by the caliber of clothing. Jill mentions they are from last season and asks if it will be a problem. She also says she has maternity clothing and the director says it will take a long time to sort through it all and since Jill needs to fill up her time, Christy jumps in and says Jill has time. Now, Jill will be volunteering at the shelter Monday through Friday. The director asks Christy if Jill knows she will be a volunteer and she lets her know she has a chandelier in her closet; she will be fine. When Christy gets home, she finds out Tammy is leaving and hugs Marjory while Marjory has taken the final puzzle piece to the bathroom with her so Tammy and Bonnie couldn’t finish without her.

Next week, Christy learns her daughter, Violet has a podcast about how bad a mother she was! You can catch Mom Thursday nights on CBS at 9pm.

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