Previously On…Jersey Shore: Family Vacation Part 2 Episode 13 What to Expect!

Previously On Jersey Shore: Family Vacation Part 2, it was all about getting back to Jersey. But first, we have to congratulate Big Daddy Sitch, Mike Sorrentino on his new title of husband. Last Thursday, he wed Lauren Pesce with his roomies by his side. He promised he would marry her on the show and before he started his prison sentence and he has done just that. Way to go, Sitch! Now, onto the show. The roomies had just supported Pauly D on a DJ job in Atlantic City (sans Snooki) and they all brought their significant others, including Ronnie who chose to bring Jen. This did not sit well with anyone who just saw what she had done to him prior to his arrival in Jersey (physically assaulting him, no big deal). She caused drama at Pauly’s show and, of course, Pauly had to announce that single Ronnie was in the building.

So, three weeks have passed since the AC party and the roomies are getting ready to reunite in the upgraded Jersey home Snooki found for them. This one is super lavish though Snooki, being the “realtor” that she is, is the first to arrive and the first to criticize the lack of beach. Get over it; you got arrested drunkenly looking for the beach once. The beach is not your friend. Ronnie is next and these two love to spiral so since she was not in AC with everyone. Snooki has to ask about the situation with Jen. They go out for dinner and drinks and she brings up how Jen dragged him by her car, causing all of the bruises pre-AC. She lectures him, telling him they need to get help for their daughter’s sake and then she gets in touch with Angelina to tell her not to go to the house but rather the club.

Angelina meets the two at the club, luggage in tow only to have her roomies say they are bouncing, Snooki pass out on the way from the club but get really giddy when she comes to and sees Angelina has arrived. In the morning, Angelina shares she and fiance, Chris are not getting along so well but clearly, Ron and Snooki do not care because Mike and Vinny will soon be arriving. It appears Angelina still has a thing for Vinny, whom she did sleep with once and Snooki is all about that coupling though her fellow roomies really liked Chris so they do not support any of this madness. Jenni is next to show up and this means it must be time for dinner, Mike’s favorite time, so they are off to a steakhouse. Sadly, Deena was not allowed on this trip either due to her pregnancy. She missed out because Snooki was so drunk, she was loving upon her vegetables, throwing them and even knocking over water bottles. She’s a slob kabob and it was not a good situation at all. Jenni feared they would get thrown out of the restaurant and I hope this does not end with her leaving like she did Vegas.

Tonight, Snooki and Jenni are all about getting Angelina and Vinny together and to be honest, this might not be the worst idea. Yes, she is engaged but it seems there are some lingering feelings and maybe, they are really meant to be. What do you think? Let us know! Do not miss Jersey Shore: Family Vacation Part 2 tonight on MTV at 8pm.



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