Survivor Season 37 Live Recap: Episode 7- There’s Gonna Be Tears Shed

Tonight on an all-new episode of Survivor: David Vs Goliath, we will watch as the castaways find out they are merging! All the castaways will merge to the Tiva camp and we will watch as new alliances start to blossom. Will there be any surprising alliances? We will have to watch to find out! Keep refreshing this page to get all the details of tonight’s episode of Survivor: David Vs Goliath!

Survivor season 37 spoilers ahead! If you don’t want to know what happened tonight on Survivor: David Vs Goliath do NOT read ahead!

We started tonight’s episode off with the Tiva tribe having a lazy morning when all of a sudden, they hear boats in the water. There are two boats in the water coming right for the Tiva beach! Guess who….it’s the Vuku and Jabeni tribes! It is time for the merge. After everyone gets to the island, they all head to the feast of food for them and start eating together.

While eating, Gabby starts thinking that there might be a hidden advantage somewhere. We then get a look at some of the others talking about how Alec turned on Natalia. After everyone eats, they start talking about tribe names and Elizabeth mentions kalokalo, which she says means star in Fijian. Meanwhile, Carl is telling Dan that he can’t stand Elizabeth and how annoying he thinks she is.

Dan goes to see Kara for the first time since the tribes were switched up. He tells her that he found a second immunity idol and she can’t believe it. The original Goliaths get together and talk about a plan, but Alec has other plans. He is going to let them think that he is still with them but work with the Davids also. He talks to Christain about it first and it seems to be something that Christain is interested in.

Mike, Alec, and Alison are all talking about which of the Davids they can pull into their group. They are talking about Nick, Christain, and Gabby. They all start talking and think that it’s a good idea to start picking off some of the Davids and then when the Goliaths start to turn on each other, they still have each other. Elizabeth’s name is being mentioned a lot in this conversation as someone they could potentially get rid of first. Elizabeth is starting to get a little nervous about Dan and Kara talking all night and starts throwing Dan’s name out for the first person to vote out.

Elizabeth talks to Alec about getting rid of Dan. What Elizabeth doesn’t know is that Dan has two immunity idols and doesn’t have anything to worry about. Alec tells Dan and Kara about Elizabeth’s pitch though and he gets pretty annoyed. He is clearly going to gun for Elizabeth to go home at the next Tribal Council.

It is time for the first individual immunity challenge of the season! For tonight’s challenge they will be swinging a pendulum around a statue, if their pendulum hits their statue and it falls, they will be eliminated. The last castaway standing will win immunity! Mike is the first one out, Christain is the second one out and Carl is the third one out. The fourth one out is Gabby, the fifth castaway out is Kara and the sixth one out is Nick. After switching hands, Davie, Angelina, and Alec all end up out. John is the tenth one out, Dan is the eleventh one out of the challenge and it’s down to Alison and Elizabeth. Elizabeth loses momentum and is eliminated leaving Alison the last castaway standing! Alison has won immunity for this week!

Angelina is working on trying to get the rest of the Goliaths to vote out Christain instead of Elizabeth. Dan is torn though because Christain is one of his friends and Elizabeth has been throwing his name around to the others. Gabby is starting to have second thoughts about working with the other Goliaths and leaving her game in the hands of the other castaways. Alec and Alison are worried about going after Christain because then they lose the trust between Gabby and Nick also. John and Dan then join the conversation and they are all okay with voting out Elizabeth instead.

They decide to talk to Angelina and Angelina doesn’t like the idea and doesn’t like being told to vote for Elizabeth, but she was the one who told them to vote out Christain. Angelina then tells Elizabeth that they are all voting for her instead of the target that Angelina tried to get them to vote for. Angelina tells her that she just didn’t want Elizabeth to be blindsided. Elizabeth goes to a couple of the other people and Gabby says that maybe they go to the other Goliaths and tell them about Angelina telling Elizabeth all about their plan and maybe get them to vote Angelina out. This could make for an interesting tribal!

Elizabeth tells the rest of the Goliaths that Angelina told her that they were voting for her tonight. Angelina is trying to talk her way out of this, but the Goliaths are already whispering. Alison tells everyone that Angelina went to Elizabeth because she was trying to manage the Jury for the season. Angelina is trying to tell the Goliaths that she was just trying to be an authentic person. Meanwhile, the others are still whispering. Things aren’t looking good for Angelina at all.

It is time for the voting! The votes are tallied and are as follows:

  • Angelina
  • Elizabeth
  • Elizabeth
  • Elizabeth
  • Elizabeth
  • Elizabeth
  • Elizabeth
  • Elizabeth

Seven votes are enough to make Elizabeth the first member of the Survivor: David Vs Goliath Jury!

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