Previously On…DWTS Season 27 Who Was Eliminated Week 7?

Previously On DWTS, it was Halloween week and everyone upped their dancing game in a super scary way. Some did an amazing job (looking at you, Bobby Bones and Milo Manheim) while others dropped the ball slightly. In the end, it was Mary Lou Retton who was sent home. This was after she revealed she had gone through a divorce earlier in the year. You can catch up with all the ghoulish happenings right here.

So far this season, we have said good-bye to Nancy McKeon, Nikki Glaser, Danelle Umstead, Tinashe, and of course, Mary Lou. This week, it was country time and the biggest revelation was Alan Bersten had reciprocated feelings for partner, Alexis Ren. She shared she was falling for him in her Halloween package but he was trying to keep it professional for the time being. I guess it just was not going to work because they shared a super sweet kiss during their country package. Check it out; it is buttery sweet!


So, now back to the real mission of the show: dancing. This is not “The Bachelor” and next week begins the semi-finals meaning every couple had to be their best! They not only had to do their own dance but a group dance and had those two scores added up. In the end, it was a double elimination and it was not the two I saw going home. Okay, one I definitely thought was long overdue but the other, not really. The two stars sent packing were-  John Schneider (Emma Slater) and it was really about time as well as DeMarcus Ware (Lindsay Arnold). This means Bobby Bones, Juan Pablo Di Pace, Alexis Ren, Milo Manheim, Joe Amabile, and Evanna Lynch will be competing next week in the semi-finals and those who do not get sent home will be in the finale. Do you think the right couples were sent home? Let us know and do not forget to watch DWTS Monday nights at 8pm on ABC!

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