Previously On…RHOC What to Expect Season 13 Episode 16!

Previously On RHOC, the ladies were still in Jamaica and this was not an easy trip, especially since Shannon’s meltdown had dominated most of the trip. It was hard for the women to thoroughly enjoy their time away because they were constantly worried about how she was and more importantly, where she was. She missed the bobsledding excursion and did not move suites with Tamra and Vicki, was not answering her phone at all so even when she was not around, her presence was felt. Vicki finally got Shannon on the phone and she agreed to meet everyone for dinner. She could not actually apologize without saying “I’m sorry BUT…” and barely acknowledged the stress she put on all of the women who were super concerned, especially Vicki, Tamra, and Kelly. Kelly knew it was best just to let it go because they were not going to get much further with her and it was not worth it in the long run.

Tamra and Shannon had a heart-to-heart but it really did not mean much while we learned Emily grew up with an emotionally unstable mother. That was why it was so hard to see Shannon behave the way she did; she wants her to get help so Shannon’s three girls can have a superhero of a mom. It hits even harder for Emily when Gina’s mother calls to check in and she sees how close they are. It causes Emily to break down crying because she wishes she had this with her own mom and more so, she hopes she can have the same close-knit relationship with her own daughter. It has not been an easy trip to Jamaica at all but soon, it will be time to head back to the OC where Gina will face her divorce from Matt, Vicki undergoes plastic surgery, and we will celebrate Tamra’s youngest son’s 18th birthday.

As you may recall, she has four children: Ryan, Sidney, Spencer, and Sophia. Ryan is her oldest whom she had as a teenager whereas Sid, Spencer, and Sophia are her youngest and we have watched her strained relationship with eldest daughter, Sidney. Tamra shared on Instagram today that Sophia would love to film but because she is a minor (she is 13), her father won’t sign the papers to allow that though you can catch her on super early seasons. Spencer is now 18 so he can do what he wants and it will be great to catch up with the whole fam. Do not forget to watch RHOC on Bravo Monday nights at 9pm but for now, here’s a little preview!



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