Previously On…Mom Season 6 Episode 6 Recap!

Previously On Mom, it was a super sad episode when Marjory’s husband, Victor (and Christy’s original landlord) suffered another stroke and ultimately passed away. The women rallied around their mentor until she finally really needed them the most. You can catch up on all of the tender and quirky moments only this show can deliver right here.

Tammy is still living with Bonnie, Christy, and Adam and she has taken to home repairs in their apartment. She quickly has discovered they have mold and just as Adam and Bonnie leave for a movie and Christy begs for silence so she can study, Tammy accidentally breaks through the wall and all of the water damage. Because of that and the repairs she will need to make, Christy goes to stay with Jill at her mansion. It becomes quite difficult after many hours of luxury when Jill asks for her $75 from Christy. As you may remember, Jill loaned Christy two grand to bail Bonnie out of jail in season five which Christy gambled away but promised to pay back. The payment plan they established requires Christy to pay Jill $75 on the first of the month and she does not always have it though she busts her butt as a waitress to get it.

While she is busting her butt, Adam and Bonnie are enjoying time together post-movie when they stumble across a tattoo shop and she pressures him into getting matching tattoos. She gets his whole name but is appalled he could only make it through the first two letters of her name. He jokes he always called her Bo and this is her nickname but she gets mad as well as addicted to the thrill of the ink. Though Bonnie is living it up, Christy finally gets the money she owes Jill for the month who just passes it off to her maid/butler for a facial. This bugs Christy to no end because she worked so hard for the cash and Jill just brushes it off like it is no big deal. Jill says this is her money and she can do what she wants with it as Christy reminds her she has no idea what it is like to struggle for money or to put food on the table. It ends with Christy pushing Jill in her pool in an over 3K bathing suit that is not for swimming.

Jill follows Christy home and tells her it is not about the money but holding her friend accountable as part of her recovery. She finally says they are squared and does not want to ruin their friendship over money. At Christy’s gambler’s anonymous meeting, she shares what happened with her sponsor who says she has to still pay Jill back because it is a reminder of what she did and her addiction. As much as she hates it, she is back on the payment plan. Bonnie cannot stop getting tattoos and it causes concern to Adam so he goes to speak to Marjory who tells him to go to AlAnon. He does not want to but finally understands he has to. After seeing a super old woman getting inked across from her, Bonnie sees what her tattoos will look like one day and decides no more for her. As for the apartment, Tammy has found another hole and it is now infested with ants so Christy must stay with Jill and Bonnie with Adam. Next week, Christy asks when Tammy will be leaving. More of if not when…You can catch Mom every Thursday night on CBS at 9pm.

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