Previously On…Will and Grace Season 10 Episode 5 Live Recap!

Previously On Will and Grace, Jack learns he is psychic, Karen decides she will find love again, and Grace finally reads a letter Will wrote when he came out. You can read all about it right here.

Grace is not happy that she has to go on a road trip with her dad, Martin so when he shows up she tries to get Will to say they have a “thing.” He won’t give in and tells her this is a precious moment but she is already thinking of the perfect revenge for him sending her on this three-hour car trip. Will sends her on her way and says he must get ready for Jack’s engagement brunch then Grace gets mad because she really did have a thing. Awww, do not forget; they are not only best friends but stepsiblings! At the brunch, the fabulous drag queen Miss Coco Peru makes a guest appearance, her second on the show as Miss Coco, who has a thing for Will but it all gets heated when Karen and Will fight over the check because they have both been told they are the best man. Jack did not want to hurt their feelings so now they have to figure out what to do and how to resolve it all. Miss Coco has one solution: a karaoke/monologue-off. They each spin the wheel and have to perform a famous monologue moment in time. Will gets “Leave Britney Alone” by Chris Crocker and he kills it as Coco screams for Will to take his pants off. Karen gets the Wicked Witch monologue. Perfection.

While Grace and her dad are at lunch, she is watching him hit on a young waitress and it is sickening her. She asks why he objectifies women then he says they will go see her mom’s grave as well as her father’s close friend, Harry. This is someone Grace has a dark past with but her father has no idea why. She finally reveals he assaulted him at the age of 15. He was much older and she was working for him but he had always led her father to believe she had stolen money from him but as it turns out, it was a very different story. As much as Martin does not want to hear it, Grace is telling it and now, he cannot unhear it.

Grace stole the money so she could take a cab home and now her father feels horrible for not protecting his little girl. They decide they will not go see Harry and it looks like their relationship can be mended. He does ask if she told anyone and she said one person; he says she is lucky to have a best friend. It turns out she only told her mom as we see when she is talking to her mom’s grave. She tells her about her new love and that she is happy. As for Karen and Will, they both tie in the monologue competition so now it is trivia- a Jack Off as Coco decides she is leaving her husband, Oscar for Will. Can you blame her? The final question is what is Jack’s greatest fear. The feathers start to fly until Jack stops them. He decides gay men should reinvent marriage and he will have two best men: Karen and Will. Because Coco has red hair, Karen turns around and thinks she’s Grace. When they get home, they discover Jack’s big monologue about reinventing marriage has made it to Miss Coco’s monologue wheel and everyone is doing it!! Grace arrives and Jack wants Will to share the deets of the day then stops him because he is boring and asks Karen to tell it!

Will and Grace airs Thursday nights at 9pm on NBC.

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