Previously On…Jersey Shore: Family Vacation Part 2 Episode 12 What to Expect!

Previously On Jersey Shore: Family Vacation Part 2, the roomies all headed to Atlantic City to support Pauly on a DJ gig. It was also a way to celebrate his and Mike’s joint birthdays since this will probably be Mike’s last birthday as a free man…at least for the next year. The only roomie who was staying behind was Snooki but everyone else and their significant others (if they had one) were going to be attending and that meant Ronnie would be bringing his baby mama and toxic love, Jen Harley. This is the same woman who had just dragged him by a car, leaving him bruised and bleeding when he FaceTimed the roomies after not being able to join them when they first headed back from Vegas to Seaside. The same week of this episode, Ronnie and Jen had gotten into another altercation that Ron has posted on social media where he allegedly got a black eye from his lady so this was not something anyone was looking forward to. He wanted them all to try and give her a second chance but they had seen enough to make this less than desirable.

In AC, Angelina could barely keep her hands off of Vinny, despite her fiance, Chris being in attendance and he did not care what his future wife was doing. This creeped out Pauly as Angelina kept creeping closer and closer to his junk. Everyone was having a great time until Ron cut off Jen from alcohol and she got mad. She tried to turn it on him and it was clear he was just trying to stop a bad situation before it started, at least from a viewer’s perspective and she felt controlled. She kept saying she wanted to leave and demanding he take her home but he asked for just one more hour to support his friends but she was not having it and started causing a scene. Pauly soon announced that single Ronnie was in the house. We have really no idea what is going on with those two but it is clear from his relationship with Sammi and now Jen that he only likes being in toxic and sick relationships; he feeds off of them and bringing a baby into the world did not change it at all. Jen already has a child so he should have known but they were not together long enough before she became pregnant for him to really see her true colors and all she may have seen was TV Ronnie.

Tonight, Ronnie and Snooki are the first to come back to the Shore house and decide to spiral over food. What will they reveal? Find out on MTV at 8pm but until then, here is a preview!



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