Previously On…RHOC What to Expect Season 13 Episode 15!

Previously On RHOC, the women are all in Jamaica but the new girls, Emily and Gina, have had a very hard time getting close to Shannon. She has been stand-offish and all about herself and the “tres amigas” leaving Gina to brand her “Sour Shannon” as opposed to Debbie Downer. It is time for a group dinner and this is the time when stuff usually hits the fan. Shannon erupts with Tamra knowing what a good friend she is and can vouch for it; pan to Gina and Emily asking Tamra to speak up. Though there is a deep friendship, Tamra has shared how hurt she was by Shannon only thinking about herself and not calling to ask about how Eddie’s heart problems are going. She shared this with both Kelly and the new girls as a way of saying Shannon does not always think of other people, even those she’s known for a very long time so no need to get offended. This is just her personality. This makes Shannon fume and storms out of dinner, saying she wants the cameras off and needs a few minutes to herself. No one will let her have alone time and it comes out that Shannon cries every night, calls Kelly and Shannon multiple times a day and night, and should possibly take some medication.

Vicki confesses she went on an antidepressant during her divorce from Donn and thinks this could help Shannon a lot. Vicki, Kelly, and Tamra go to talk to Shannon but all she does is scream and does not want to hear what they have to say, just that she is a good friend and person and doesn’t need meds at all. The women also want her to start packing up because it was so hot in their suits that they called down and got a new room with AC so they all want to get up and go. Shannon refuses. It becomes an all-out fight and Kelly says Shannon will have a heart attack if she keeps going on this way. Eventually, Vicki and Tamra move rooms but Shannon stays behind, turns off her phone and no one can get in touch with her at all. The next day, everyone goes bobsledding but Shannon is nowhere to be found and it causes some concern, especially after Vicki says she saw Shannon pour a glass of vodka the night before. She is self-medicating and everyone is worried but they are also tired of worrying. It’s become all about her for this trip and that is not something anyone wanted. From the reunion pics, which was filmed last week, everyone seems to be getting along so maybe they smoked some happiness and everything is fine!

What will happen as the Jamaica trip continues tonight? Here’s a sneak peek! And don’t miss the RHOC on Bravo every Monday at 9pm.



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