Previously On…Mom Season 6 Episode 5 Recap!

Previously On Mom, Bonnie’s childhood foster care buddy, Tammy (Kristen Johnston) who ended up in prison “because of her” was released. Feeling guilty, Bonnie asked Tammy if she would like to come to stay with her but quickly realized this was a huge mistake until she realized her old friend was a real asset to her. You can find out why right here.

Tammy is still staying with Bonnie, Christy, and Adam in their small apartment when Bonnie reminds her fiance they have tickets to see “Wicked” that weekend. It’s a graduation gift for Christy but he does not want to go at all. She says fine but he is taking her to see Cher the following month which he is unaware of. This leads her to ask if he ever looks at his credit card statement. Since they now have an extra ticket to the musical, they could ask Tammy but that would be a bad idea so they opt to invite Marjory who is elated to be there. During intermission, she checks her voicemail only to discover husband, Victor has had another stroke. The women leave the theater in a rush, Bonnie slower than Christy and Marjory, per usual and the next thing we learn is Victor has died.

All the women are devastated for Marjory and her loss yet she is seemingly fine. She has gone shopping and is glowing which makes Christy ask her sponsor, Nora what is wrong with her. The grieving process is more serious than that but Marjory is taking it so lightly. Even after the funeral, she puts his ashes in a cabinet and hands down his velour track suits to Adam. She then shares she would like to eventually spread his ashes by the tree where Victor proposed so the ladies decide they should take a road trip to do just that. Jill drives with Bonnie, Wendy, Christy, and Tammy all by Marjory’s side but the tree has been replaced by a Costco. When Christy brings Marjory a hot dog, she confronts her about her lack of emotion towards losing her husband. No one can tell Marjory how to feel but on the way home, she shares she felt relief when he passed away, something Wendy says is very common. Marjory spent so much time caring for him after his first stroke that this was a way out and Wendy adds most people grieve before the person has even passed.

When the women get back to Marjory’s, she places the urn on the counter and says she is not ready to let him go. She sees one of her cats, which was Victor’s favorite and goes to give him a cuddle. The women soon hear her crying and that is when she finally grieves. In the end, Tammy finishes out the part of “Wicked” that Christy and Bonnie missed as Adam sits in his new track suit. She performed it in prison so she gets super into it and ends up meshing it with “Star Wars” leading Adam to say he would have gone to see this show!

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