Previously On…Will and Grace Season 10 Episode 4 Live Recap!

Previously On Will and Grace, Grace and Noah finally slept together while Jack, Will, and Karen headed to Texas. Will and Jack saw Jack’s grandson, Skip perform in the church talent show as Karen got arrested at her part of the wall. You can catch up with all of the excitement right here.

Grace has a cutout of herself she wants to put in the lobby to remind people to vote for her but Will is more upset she ate all of the almond butter. She is too busy thinking it is a stupid butter because it is not peanut butter and never will be. Then, Jack bursts in talking about how he has always had psychic abilities and now he is a certified psychic. It will cost $500 for them to put his name on the certificate, so he asks them if he can borrow it but he knows they will say no. Karen soon comes in, as well and the main concern about her cutout is someone will draw a penis on her; Jack starts doing it because he’s Jack. Karen has come by to ask if she can store some of her stuff at the office now that Rosario has passed away and she is going through a divorce. As she and Jack are going through her old stuff, Karen cannot wait to see him con people out of their money.

Will is having a really hard time ever having Grace say she is sorry about anything and she can always get him to apologize for her wrongdoings. They end up finding their love letters to another, including the ones where Grace was trying to get Will to take her virginity. Jack finds a perfume and it turns out, Rosario gave it to Karen as a way to attract love. Soon after, she met Stan so she tells him to throw it away because she will never fall in love again. Jack then puts on one of Rosario’s coats, her sunglasses, thunder crashes, and Karen can clearly see her deceased maid through Jack. It seems like he has become a medium; she says Karen will fall in love again and needs to get back out there again. They share another moment, kiss and Rosario is now gone. But, was she ever there to begin with?

Will and Grace are going back and forth about him not sharing he was gay and then they talk about a thick letter he wrote to her she never opened. He finally says that is the crux of their relationship; they go back and forth until he says he is sorry and she is always the victim and she should have read the letter. She tries to read it and he tries to destroy it but it’s pouring rain outside and he is wearing his suede driving moccasins. He ends up throwing it outside and Grace runs around trying to retrieve it when a neighbor hands it to her saying she read it and it explains why Will and Grace never have sex. Jack and Karen are still chatting about Rosario but she questions if it really was her late maid coming to see her so Jack storms off and the thunder clashes again when a flash of Rosario appears in front of Karen. She sprays her perfume again and starts dancing.

Will finds Grace outside of the apartment crying as she reads the letter. She says she is a horrible person and cannot come back in but he says if they never let horrible people in, they’d never see Karen. In the letter, he says he wishes he wasn’t gay and had thought about hurting himself. She feels so bad because the story of the gay guy and straight girl leaves her the victim because she was in pain. She was in pain for 30 years. She forgets to say she is sorry and then she finally says it repeatedly and she is so sorry for not being there and he being gay did not ruin her life but made it so much better.

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