Previously On…The Big Bang Theory Season 12 Episode 6 Live Recap!

Previously On The Big Bang Theory, Raj is given the chance to talk about space but does not immediately ask Howard to join. When he does, he shares how proud he is of his dear friend for being a real-life astronaut. Amy and Sheldon had a big fight because he made sure the project she was working on was reassigned so that they could work together on their asymmetry project. She said her worst fear was losing herself to her marriage. And now it is time for a holiday episode.

Raj is so excited that it is the 40th anniversary of Halloween but Sheldon does not get he is referring to the movie. Then, Leonard lets him know the Michael Myers mask was actually a Captain Kirk mask turned inside out and he is fascinated. Everyone is talking about how excited they are for the holiday and Penny talks about the parties she used to throw when she first moved to the building, some her husband cannot recall. She tells him not to make it awkward so they decide to throw a party that weekend. When Howard is asked what his costume will be, he says something very scary. He shows up at work as Sheldon but Sheldon, dressed as Doc Brown from “Back to the Future” just thinks he did something to his hair…and likes it. Raj is Ruth Bader Ginsberg or Kuth, as he calls it while Leonard is Inspector Gadget and they love Howard’s take on Sheldon. Sheldon does not get why the guys keep laughing and then they share Howard is being him for Halloween. That makes him upset so he takes off his costume and goes to his office where Amy finds him and says he did not realize his friends laughed at him.

Penny and Leonard are fighting over when their first kiss was and he seems to think it was their first Halloween together. Amy then goes to see Bernadette to say Howard offended Sheldon and should apologize but she says he is super offensive all the time so it goes both ways. At the Halloween party, Raj shows up as Ginsberg with Anu as the Constitution, Howard, and Bernadette as the cast of Mary Poppins and Stuart as a butterfly. Then, Sheldon and Amy show up as none other than Howard and Bernadette. This will not end well. Sheldon and Amy are being rude and offensive and they won’t stop. On the way home, Bernadette feels offended while Howard is trying to console her. At Penny and Leonard’s, Penny concedes their first kiss was on the couch on Halloween but she was just using him so she chose to make their first kiss his birthday and he agreed so they kiss to which Stuart comes out and gushes. He asks if he can stay the night and they say he is always welcome then lock him out when he goes to do the garbage.

When Howard sees Sheldon and Amy at work, he begs them to apologize for their costumes as Bernadette is still super hurt. The couple goes back and forth with Howard and finally, Sheldon ends up going to see her. He stays because she is cutting watermelon and wants some. She says having a squeaky voice was not easy and she had to be tough because she was always so small and Sheldon reminds her he was in high school at the age of nine. They both grew up being bullied and realize they may have more in common than they ever realized. In the end, the guys gather so Sheldon can watch “Halloween” but Amy storms in, forbidding him from watching it. Turns out, he texted her and told her to do it. Next week, Leonard is in charge of handing out grants but who will get one? Do not forget to watch The Big Bang Theory every Thursday night on CBS at 8pm.

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