Previously On…Jersey Shore: Family Vacation Part 2 What to Expect Episode 11!

Previously On Jersey Shore: Family Vacation Part 2, it was time for Deena’s gender reveal party and let’s be real; this meatball deserved her time to shine. After all, she had to miss Las Vegas because she was newly preggers and, even as an observer, that was a crazy, balls-to-the-wall fun time. It was also filled with a lot of drama and allowed Angelina to make her way back into the Shore family (Deena was her replacement) so I guess it was better she missed out. Now, it is her big day and Ronnie surprised everyone by attending the party. It was a blessing and a curse but he did have a lot to make up to Deena as she was really hurt by him not reaching out to her after the passing of her father, something they addressed during a drunken night last season. Ronnie addressed this in a private moment with his roomie at the party and said this was why he knew he could not miss her party. She also has a very hard time with the way he bashes his ex and her very close friend, Sammi, who opted to stay away from the JS franchise.

As we shared last week, it was no big shocker to the home audience, if they had been following Deena on social media, that she and husband, Chris would be seeing blue, something he was beyond ecstatic about. Now that we know there’s another guido on the way, it was time for the roomies to celebrate Mike and Pauly’s birthdays at Dave and Busters. After the episode aired, we officially learned Mike will begin his eight-month prison sentence on or after January 2019 so he will get to be home for the holidays. I am sure the cast will joke it will be the perfect diet for him to lose his holiday weight as he did get a cheeseburger cake for his birthday. What are we going to do with The Situation? In his defense, he has stayed sober throughout all of the shenanigans and will not be able to eat amazing food for almost a year so live it up.

Now that the birthdays have ended, Pauly rounds the roomies up for a DJ gig he has in Atlantic City which has never gone right under any circumstances for them. Let’s take a moment to remember season one when Snooki was told by Mike, was it? I could be wrong but it was one of the guys and she asked for a roll and one commented she already had enough on her and she left crying, saying she had suffered from an eating disorder so yeah, let’s go to AC. Snooki could not go but the couples, including Deena and Chris and Angelina and her fiance, Chris headed to AC. But, what kind of party would it be without Ronnie announcing his on/off-again estranged baby mama, Jen would be joining them? This was just a short time after she allegedly dragged him by her car, leaving him all beaten and bruised. And, just this week, the social media couple had another fall-out where Ronnie posted a pic of himself with a black eye, alluding to the idea Jen gave it to him and he has been lying to everyone about their relationship. It never ends.

He made the announcement that she was in town and wanted to spend time with everyone (camera time) and it made Jenni spit out her wine. Remember, Jenni used to be Jen’s confidant and now she was spitting out good wine over her. Vinny joked about always wanting to be on TMZ so it was cool if she came but after dinner, Jenni told Ron that this was crazy. He literally had just FaceTimed them from Vegas, after being brutally abused by her and now he was asking everyone who loved him to just pretend it didn’t happen and be all chill with her. Vinny went into the confessional to share his feelings which were the same as Jenni’s. He knew Ronnie would do what he wanted but this was never ending and it was affecting the whole house. They were scared and now, it was off to AC and this is going to be one trip no one would soon be forgetting. Here is a sneak peek and do not miss Jersey Shore: Family Vacation Part 2 when it airs Thursday night on MTV at 8pm.



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