Previously On…The Conners Season 1 Episode 2 Recap!

Previously On The Conners, the family was coping with the passing of matriarch, Roseanne. This was the most logical option when “Roseanne” was canceled after its reboot. It ran for a tenth season, was renewed and then, star Roseanne Barr sent out racist tweets, leading the show to be canceled. Basically, it was ABC’s way of firing her but they quickly realized what a fanbase and support system The Conner family and the actors had plus how many people would be out of jobs through the cancelation. Thus, the show was rebranded The Conners sans Roseanne who was bought out and actually revealed her characters cause of death prior to the debut of the series. We were led to believe Roseanne had her desperately needed knee surgery but ended up having a heart attack after but as the actress confirmed, she really died of an opioid overdose. Now, Dan, Jackie, Darlene, Becky, DJ, Bev, and the kids were left to pick up the mess. You can see how that went over right here.

Darlene is still struggling to raise teenage daughter, Harris and gender-bending son, Mark and now, estranged husband, David has moved back to Lanford with girlfriend, Blue (Juliette Lewis, who also played Johnny Galecki’s sister in “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation”). He shows up to Mark’s parent-teacher conference with his lady-love who is a whimsical as a bird, something Darlene does not appreciate. Do not forget, David was ready to ditch Blue for his ex last year after a one-night stand but that did not last long at all, mainly for Darlene. There is no reason for Blue to be at the meeting but David lets Darlene know she will be a part of the kid’s lives and reminds her they will be taking Harris and Mark for the weekend.

Dan needs an extra contractor for a project and when DJ cannot do it, Becky asks if she can have a try. He says no but she begs and he allows it but is disheartened when he discovers her water bottle is filled with vodka. This is a no-no for the union and he asks how long she can go without alcohol; it is clear she has a serious problem and has to address it or she will lose the job. When David comes to pick up the kids, DJ’s wife, Gina gives him a quick lecture about leaving a strong woman like Darlene for someone off like Blue and they are on their way. Darlene and Jackie head to the restaurant where Becky works to have a few drinks. They both need them; Bev lives with Jackie now, after all. Darlene meets a nice yet nervous guy (Justin Long) and ends up sleeping with him. When she is coming home the next morning, David shows up and lets her know Harris and a boy had sex while he was at work at Trader Joes. She is livid but even more so when she learns Blue was the one Harris talked to about after. She storms out and goes right over to Blue and David’s to claim her kids.

Upon arrival, she learns Harris spoke to Blue prior to having sex and that riles her up even more. It hurts when you are a mom and your own child does not even come to you over such a big moment in their life. When they leave, Harris is upset the boy has yet to text her but she says she is okay but asks her mom to take her to get Plan B because she is not sure they used the condom right. She promises she will only come to Darlene from now on. Meanwhile, Becky is given a time frame for how long she has to quit drinking and be sober for a full day before the job is pulled from her as she is saving for a nice mobile home. Can she overcome her problem? Find out when the show airs every Tuesday at 8pm on ABC.

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