Previously On…RHOC What to Expect Season 13 Episode 14!

Previously On RHOC, the women all headed to Jamaica to celebrate Shannon’s QVC success and for the annual obligatory girls trip. However, it started off super rocky when Shannon immediately declared she, Tamra, and Vicki aka the tres amigas, would be rooming together. That left Kelly and newcomers, Gina and Emily, off in the adjoining suite. All Vicki and Shannon did was complain about how hot it was and to make matters worse, when they all joined together at dinner, Shannon received a text her rental home had been sold so she and her daughters would have to move. On the bright side, the owners would honor the lease so she had some time to decide where she was headed next. Kelly reminded her how lucky she was to have a roof over her head and then brought up what she was doing with Jolie. It then turned to Gina and her divorce, of course, Vicki had a life insurance sales pitch and all the while, Shannon was on her phone texting. No wonder Gina thinks Shannon is unfriendly. During dinner, Vicki’s eye swelled up and she started to feel overheated; one of the ladies joked her plastic surgery was finally melting into itself.

The next morning, Vicki, Kelly, and Shannon went to a salt spa and Kelly developed a rash while Tamra, Gina, and Emily hit the beach. Tamra admitted she just felt very bad for Shannon and that was the basis of their friendship. Gina referred to her as “Sour Shannon” over Debbie Downer. If the shoe fits. Later, the ladies went rafting and though Gina has trepidations about dark water, she was a trooper but on the bus over, Shannon made it clear she and Vicki would be sitting next to each other. That was fine with everyone else that they have formed this downer clique. Once rafting, everyone had a good time but at the end, Shannon and Vicki went to the bar where Vicki poured her heart out to the poor bartender and the other four tried swinging across the lake/river they had rafted on. Of course, Tamra’s top came off but much kudos to those girls. They returned to see the other two and Shannon immediately bolted to the car because she was too hot. Tonight, Shannon claims Tamra will tell you what a great friend she is so the only ladies ask her to back it up. Take a look a do not forget to watch RHOC every Monday night on Bravo at 9pm.


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