Previously On…Will and Grace Season 10 Episode 3 Recap!

Previously On Will and Grace, Karen went missing because her affair with Malcolm had been revealed and she was being followed. It turned out Stan was just serving her with divorce papers. At the same time, Jack was struggling with the idea of only being with Estafan for the rest of his life so he called off the wedding. You can keep up with all of the excitement right here.

Grace went out to dinner with Noah but she came home super hungry because she did not want to eat as she wanted to sleep with him. They have had several dates but she does not sleep with those who she really likes right away. Karen and Jack come into the apartment all decked out like country- western stars. They are headed to Texas to see Jack’s grandson, Skip perform at church since his son, Elliot will be out of town. They encourage Will to go, as well and Grace wants him to go so she can have the apartment to herself so she can sleep with Noah. He ends up showing up when she is all bumming around, in her glasses and sweats, saying it is an emergency. He says the window is closing on them having sex, which is her fear but she says she does not feel good enough for sex. She is bloated and gross but they realize they have so much in common that they must get it on. But, Noah realizes she is too uncomfortable and in 2018, he cannot make anyone have sex if they do not feel like it.

In Texas, it is nothing like “Dallas” and Jack feels super out of place while Will seems to be loving it. Skip sneaks into the bar the guys are at to share he is singing “Diamonds Are A Girls Best Friend” for the church talent show and though his grandpa is supportive, it is clear he thinks it is a bad idea. Karen has already gotten herself in trouble by four-wheeling and going to her section of the Mexican wall that she purchased when Beverly Leslie (Leslie Jordan) pulls up and claims it is his part of the wall. She is in a catsuit while he is in a red cowboy outfit and it is adorable. Back in NYC, Noah arrives for his date with Grace and they are getting ready to get it on when she notices he brought a snack from City Sandwiches. She is so excited because she has not been able to go back there since she slept with Brian, the sandwich maker there. This bothers Noah as Brian is his meat guy so it is now a hot mess and a turn-off so he storms off.

In Texas, Jack is venting to Will about how he cannot let Skip perform because this is not New York, it is Texas. Will shares he did not enter the talent show when he was young because his mom did not let him enter the talent show as Freddie Mercury and even though he signed up, she hid his fake teeth and mustache. Will says they must support Skip no matter what but Jack screams this is not America, this is Texas. In jail, Karen is with Beverly; he gets freed whereas she is stuck there with an immigrant from Mexico. She tries to explain how to become a proper American and asks what is so wrong with Mexico when she learns the lady is from El Salvador and is reminds her of Rosario and asks if she knew her.

Grace is sitting with Noah and they are bickering when she tells him she is going to bed after she claims she is super sexually open. When he does not immediately follow, she asks what is taking so long and he jumps! In jail, Karen gives her cell mate an expensive bracelet to buy her way back to her family in America and Beverly comes to bail Karen out. Karen informs him she will no longer be sponsoring the wall and leaves. Jack and Will make it to Skip’s show right as he is performing and he gets a standing ovation. Jack thinks they are beating him because he can’t look but Will turns him around and he is thrilled. He runs up and gives him a huge hug and decides to grab the microphone from the pastor and gives a big speech but keeps saying he is having a private moment as he is teaching life lessons. It is going comedically brilliantly and then Will comes in, dressed as Freddie Mercury and singing. Skip looks at Jack and asks if something can be too gay. It ends with a selfie of the three of them.

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