Previously On…Mom Season 6 Episode 4 Recap!

Previously On Mom, Bonnie and Adam found their wedding venue but in doing so, Adam bought a bar, much to Bonnie’s dismay. Along with that, Christy found herself being an involuntary sponsor to her law professor who would not admit she was an alcoholic so it was a lot of dependencies. You can catch up with the last episode right here.

Last season, we met Tammy (played by Kristen Johnston), an old friend of Bonnie’s from when she was in the foster system. Apparently, Bonnie had done Tammy dirty but they rectified it and now she was visiting Tammy in prison. Turns out, she is being paroled after the fourth time trying and seven years behind bars. After she leaves, she will be off to a halfway house but since Bonnie feels responsible for Tammy being there, she offers up her place. She does not consult Adam or Christy about this choice, in typical Bonnie fashion. It is a whole new world for Tammy; she has never seen coconut water or almond milk before. Just touching Adam’s hand when he greets her is a thrill because, well, seven years in prison.

Tammy is eager to do whatever she can to thank Bonnie for her generosity but it is soon clear her curiosity for the outside world might be more than anyone bargained for. She keeps Bonnie up until all hours talking so Bonnie does not want to have sex with Adam, she talks before coffee, she is way too overexcited and she makes Bonnie out to be a saint, something comical to everyone, especially Christy. Bonnie is ready to send Tammy off to a halfway house when she realizes how beneficial her friend is to her.

Bonnie took the job during the beginning of the show’s run as the building super in order to get an apartment for free. But she is horrible at her job, something everyone knows. Sure, she has gotten better but she still sucks. However, Tammy took a handyman class in prison because cosmetology was full and can fix almost anything thus making Bonnie’s job easy as pie. Though she does want to get rid of Tammy, she would much rather have someone else do her job so she asks her to stay. When Christy asks what is going on, Bonnie explains the situation as Tammy comes back and recounts all of the tasks she has completed and the others she will be onto next, as soon as she gets a coconut water, that is. How long will Tammy be around? Only time will tell. Keep up with Mom every Thursday night at 9pm on CBS.

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