Previously On…Last Man Standing Season 7 Episode 3 What You Missed & Episode 4 Live Recap!

Previously On Last Man Standing, Mike said good-bye to his deceased father but struggled with their rough relationship. You can catch up with the whole episode right here.

Last week, Ted’s Tackle Box was officially bought which scares the staff at Outdoor Man, thinking they will be next to be sold and bought. Thirty percent of Ted’s staff has been laid off so when Mike comes in without Kyle by his side, they think he has been fired but really, he just took a personal day. In his office, Mike confesses to Kristen he thinks they are screwed but over at Ted’s, they were not willing to grow so he shows both his daughter and Chuck a plan he has to help the brand grow. They both love the idea but know Ed will be reluctant to change. He has yet to hear about the buy out as he away fishing where there is no cell reception. No one wants to go and tell him so Chuck is the one stuck with the task.

At home, Vanessa was cleaning out Kyle and Mandy’s room when she finds a box with shirts indicating the couple is expecting. She shows Eve and the couple walks in and confesses Kyle jumped the gun and got excited, pre-purchasing the shirts though the couple has been trying for three months now. When Mandy leaves, Kyle shares with Vanessa he had a vasectomy but she realizes he means appendectomy and they should be fine. Back at Outdoor Man, Joe (Jay Leno) is calling his lawyer, asking about what he can get if he loses his job while Ed is home from his fishing trip and shares he knows Ted’s was sold. He also shares he was taken there by a big company and they want to buy Outdoor Man and he wants to sell; it is their only option. So, Mike makes a blog and lets Ed know it is dedicated to him and walks away.

Vanessa goes to talk to Mandy and shares how eager Kyle is to be a dad. It is clear Mandy is the one holding back. She says she is putting a lot of work into her business and Kyle just started his new job so she is just not sure the time is right. She also worries she won’t be as good at it as her mom was; Mandy also confesses she is not trying when the times are right. Vanessa lets her know it is not fair to Kyle to lie to him like this so finally she says she won’t do it anymore. On a tour of Outdoor Man, Mike points out the employees and sees Ed knows everyone there and even goes to their housewarming parties. They are not numbers and he won’t sell to a big business. Mike asks if he will look at his proposal once more but Ed says it is time for him to retire and turn it over to Mike.

At home, Mike tells Vanessa about Ed’s plan but thinks he will get so bored in retirement that he will come back in a week or so. Vanessa asks if he may have said something offensive and though he thinks he is joking, he can come off rude though he may not be aware of it. Kyle comes home to talk to Mandy and lets her know he went to the doctor; his sperm count is low so Mandy tells him the truth about what she has been doing but he thinks she is just trying to make him feel better. He won’t believe she is telling the truth but oh well, he is happy and there is still hope. Mike goes down to Outdoor Man to find Ed packing up. He tells him to stop and puts in the VHS of the first commercial they ever did together. Ed tells Mike he has lost a lot lately, especially his dad and he does not want to lose his best friend, as well. Mike is taking over and everyone is thrilled he saved their jobs but a lot of hard work is ahead.

This week, it is Halloween and the Baxter’s are known for their epic episodes, one being when they all had to dress up as one another. Vanessa starts by asking Kyle to get her mug from the microwave. Mandy knows there’s a prank inside and of course, there is a giant head and he loves it. Vanessa is ready to throw the biggest prank but Kyle and Mandy are taking Kristen and Ryan to the trailer Kyle inherited from his mom for a seance. Even Mike tells Vanessa her pranks are not working anymore as she asks him to get her mug from the microwave. He agrees and low and behold, there is a mug. At the trailer, Ryan brings Bernie Sanders candles to “keep the flame alive.” Mandy wants to bring back the spirit of a fashion designer while Kristen would much rather Patrick Swayze; then the cops show up.

At Outdoor Man, Chuck and Mike are spotting crazy things on the monitors, one of them being Joe. He hates Halloween because he feels it is all about demons and Satan. He decides he is going to work on his car there with a squirt gun filled with holy water. Chuck and Mike made a pact not to prank each other so they decide to prank Joe. Chuck tells Joe the store was built on an old insane asylum and they are not just putting in motion detectors. Something scary happened at the asylum 100 years ago to the day. They close the store early every Halloween to keep the demon out but a demonic motion detector is picking up something and now Joe is terrified. It’s awesome seeing Jay Leno shaking.

At the trailer, a cop is arresting Kristen, Ryan, Mandy, and Kyle because they are trespassing by being there. They do not have their ID’s on them as they left them in Kyle’s van because they would have interfered with the spirits but the van got towed since it was parked in front of a hydrant. Mandy thinks it is a prank from Vanessa and the cop is a friend of hers from her book club so she makes some rude comments but they really do get arrested. At the same time, Chuck and Mike have convinced Joe a demon from the asylum is in the basement and he has fallen for it but then he ends up seemingly having a heart attack. So, who is getting pranked? Vanessa does get pranked by Boyd when he steals all of the Halloween candy so there’s that.

Joe was joking all along. He and Mike had planned this to scare Chuck so Chuck leaves all offended and Joe feels bad. The cop shows up at the Baxters when Vanessa answers the door and thinks it is a prank. The cop has no idea why everyone thinks she is dressed up but explains what happened and just needs the deed to the trailer so she can let Mandy and Kyle go but Vanessa keeps denying she knows them. The cop walks away and says she hates this holiday. Mike goes to see Chuck; Chuck is hurt that he would let him believe he killed a man. He is also tired of having to do what he says because Mike is his boss. Really, Mike is just trying to say he and Chuck are friends and not just boss and employee. Mike also confesses they are best friends and Vanessa comes out cheering; she and Chuck set this all up after Vanessa overheard Mike and Joe setting up the prank. The scariest thing for Mike is human emotion. Mike is so mad so he looks at Chuck and tries to act like it is not over and there is more to tell Vanessa. Well played by all. Mike admits Vanessa got him good and then she tells him how the kids tried to prank her as they sit in prison and Kyle suddenly realizes he had his ID on him the whole time. Face palm!

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