Previously On…Jersey Shore: Family Vacation Part 2 What to Expect Episode 10

Previously On Jersey Shore: Family Vacation Part 2, all roads lead back to Jersey though I found Vegas to be a lot more fun. The cast was not trying to recreate this special time in their lives when they were young and reckless but rather, they were just reckless. Ronnie has yet to join the crew but Deena is now with them, despite being pregnant. She is like her fellow meatball, Snooki was during the final season of “Jersey Shore” when she was pregnant with her first baby and had to live next door to the roomies. The cast is very lucky as their old Shore Store boss has given them the opportunity to live in the original house (he has made bank off of the show so let’s call a spade a spade) and he even gifted them with food and drinks, something they noticed after they had been partying hard. His one request: not to trash the house. Aw, isn’t he cute and delusional? Snooki is cooking for Deena as she is craving grilled cheese and traditional Sunday night dinner chef, Mike is whipping up his favorite Funfetti cake. Keep in mind, these episodes were shot prior to him receiving his eight-month jail sentence so it will be interesting to see the shows filmed after, like his wedding to Lauren Pesce.

Angelina asks if she can make a toast when they all sit down to which Vinny says no, but in a sarcastic manner. The sexual tension between the two former hook-up mates is palpable but they have turned it into battling each other instead. The biggest problem Angelina has, as we learned previously, is that the two of them went to the same high school and grew up around the corner from one another so she feels slighted by Vinny and has from day one. She apparently has dirt on him and now, he is ready to hear it. The go back and forth over nothing and I think it is just because they want to hook up again, have a little fun. Maybe the fact that they hung out in high school and he was too embarrassed to admit it but she called him out on everything is a blow to his ego; who knows at this point but they need to figure it out before it drowns the whole show.

Angelina finally claims Vinny used to call her on the regular and attempt to hook up with her, sleep with her, and ultimately, wanted to date her. I do not doubt this to be true. Vinny went off on his roomie but she turned the tables, asking him why he would even sleep with her when he hated her so much? Soon, the two were chasing each other around the Shore House with condiment bottles, handed to them by their roomies, trying to do God knows what to one another. They doused each other in mustard, ketchup, salad dressing, until Vinny got the fire extinguisher and the rest is history. Not about to tell Danny what they did to the house, they go see him later on to say hi and Angelina wants to make things right, especially since he had fired her back in the day. She then proceeds to sit in Mike’s Funfetti cake but let’s be honest; he did not really need it.

Tonight, it is Deena’s gender reveal (spoiler- she is having a boy) and Ronnie decides to surprise her. Take a look and do not forget to catch the show every Thursday night at 8pm on MTV.



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