Survivor Season 37 Live Recap: Episode 4 – Drop Your Buffs!

Tonight on Survivor: David Vs Goliath season 37 we will watch as the remaining castaways are surprised by a tribe swap! How will the new tribes work together? Will this help some of the castaways that are currently in trouble of being voted off the island? Keep refreshing this page to find out all the details of tonight’s episode of Survivor season 37! Also, make sure you check out last week’s recap to get all caught up right here!

Survivor season 37 spoilers ahead! Do NOT read ahead if you don’t want to know what happened tonight on Survivor: David Vs Goliath!

We started tonight’s episode of Survivor off with Bi announcing that she has to leave the game due to spraining her MCL in last week’s episodes. Everyone says goodbye to Bi and she walks to the shore to catch a boat back home. Now that Bi has left the game, it’s time for the remaining castaways to drop their buffs! They get new buffs, they went from two tribes to three, but there is one castaway with no buff. Carl. Carl is going to exile island until the next tribal council. He will then join the tribe that loses the immunity challenge.

The orange tribe is the Vuku Tribe and it is made up of Elizabeth, Kara, Natalia, Davie, and Alec. They are all getting to know each other at their camp. Meanwhile, Carl gets to exile island and he finds a scroll with a clue in it. He reads the clue and realizes that there is some kind of advantage in a coconut that is floating in the water. The catch is, there are a lot of them and only one has a mark on it that makes it different. He finds it and inside is an advantage called the Idol Nullifier. With this advantage, he has the ability to nullify the use of an idol at any tribal council vote by simply writing the castaways name on the paper. This is huge!

Jabeni Tribe is the purple tribe now and it’s made up of Mike, Natalie, Lyrsa, Nick, and Angelina. Natalie is not happy about having a tribe with a bunch of Davids on it. Natalie is barking orders at the rest of her tribe and getting them to build a fire and the rest of them are not happy at all. Then there is the green tribe or the Tiva Tribe and it’s made of Johnny, Dan, Christian, Gabby, and Alison. They have found their camp and started building their shelter and getting to know each other. Later on, Gabby has a bit of a meltdown because she doesn’t connect with their new tribemates, but Christian is there to help her through it. They really seem to like each other and are there to keep each other grounded.

It is time for their first Immunity Challenge with their new tribes. They will also be competing for a reward of brownies and coffee for the first tribe to finish. There is one tribe member sitting on a cart while two other blindfolded tribemates push them through an obstacle course. Gabby, Kara, and Angelina are sitting while talking two others through the obstacle course and when they get through they then have to talk the other two tribemates through a table puzzle.

Tiva takes an early lead through the obstacle course and manages to win first place and get reward and immunity. Jabeni wins second place, which means that Vuku will be heading to tribal council and someone will be voted out and then Carl will join them. When Vuku gets back to camp, Elizabeth knows that she might be in danger of going home. She tells Davie that they need to go look for an idol and she knows where it is. He reminds us that he has the idol and then when they go back to camp, Davie throws Elizabeth under the bus.

Elizabeth isn’t going down easy though, she is trying to get Alec to vote to keep her. Alec goes back to the other former Goliaths and tries to talk them into getting rid of Davie instead of Elizabeth. Alec tells us that he doesn’t trust Natalia and has been bossing everyone around and aggravating Alec. Alec is really going back and forth between Elizabeth and Natalia though. It could be another blindside!

It is time for Tribal Council. Carl joins the Tribal Council and they are told that he will join them back in camp after the vote. Elizabeth is talking about how they need to make big moves if they want to go far in this game and then Alec gets up to talk to Elizabeth and makes Kara and Natalia are nervous, but it is looking like there is going to be a blindside! The votes are tallied and here they are:

  • Elizabeth
  • Davie
  • Natalia
  • Natalia
  • Natalia

Alec flipped!!!!! With three votes, Natalia has been blindsided! At the end, we find out that Davie, Elizabeth and Alec voted Natalia out. Natalia voted for Elizabeth and Kara voted for Davie.

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