Previously On…Chicago Med Season 4 and What to Expect in Episode 4!

Previously on…Chicago Med season 4, we started the episode off with a memorial service for Jay and Will’s father. After that, we watched as April and Dr. Choi took care of a sick boy whose father brought him in. While doing the preliminary exam on the boy, Maggie calls them both out of the room and inform them that the father has a BOLO (Be On the Look Out) filed against him. According to this BOLO, the father kidnapped his son from the mother’s home. The father is arrested, but Choi asks if they can hold off on taking him to the station.

Meanwhile, Manning and the third year medical student, Elsa, are working on a pregnant patient who is having stomach pains. They run some tests and find out that the woman is suffering from an ectopic pregnancy and the fetus can’t be relocated. They tell her that in order to save her life, they have to terminate the pregnancy. The woman refuses the surgery due to religious beliefs. Later, Elsa asks Mrs. Harris, the pregnant patient, if she would consent to the surgery if the fetus died. She asked this question because of where the fetus is, it could cut off the blood supply and the fetus could die. Mrs. Harris agrees to it.

Mrs. Harris’ condition gets worse and they are running out of time. Elsa does an ultrasound while Manning tries to convince the woman that she needs to have the surgery. Elsa tells Manning, Mrs. Harris, and Mr. Harris that there is no fetal heartbeat and Mrs. Harris agrees to the surgery. We later find out that while they were performing the surgery, the fetus did have a heartbeat and Manning thinks that there was a malfunction with the ultrasound machine, but Dr. Charles thinks it’s something more. He is convinced that Elsa somehow manipulated the machine knowing that Mrs. Harris would agree to have the surgery needed to save her life.

Meanwhile, the young boy that April and Choi are working on is getting worse. His kidneys are failing fast and they need a transplant option and they need it fast. They run some tests and find out that the father is a match, they set up the surgery and right before they get them both to the OR, Gwen puts a stop to the surgery because the father is a high-risk patient. She doesn’t want him to get the surgery, spend a couple days in the ICU and then go to prison. Isn’t the ideal place for someone to recover from major surgery.

When Choi tells the father that they can’t do the surgery and the father watches as his son continues to get worse, he decides to take matters into his own hands. He asks if his son is going to die and Dr. Choi is honest with him and implies that he will. The father asks if he can see him one more time and the police take off his cuffs and bring him into the room. After he is finished talking with his son, he is escorted back out of the room. He turns and wrestles with one of the officers, takes his gun and holds the office hostage. He is demanding that they do the transplant but when Choi tells him he can’t, he shoots himself in the head. This gives Choi the ability to do the transplant.

Rhodes’ hybrid OR is almost ready, but he finds himself in a situation where he has to use it before it’s done. While struggling with the team he threw together in order to save his patient, he ends up recruiting Maggie to help out. At the end of the day and after saving his patient, he offers Maggie the lead on his team. She tells him it would be a demotion, but she seems to be considering it. Will did a house call for one of his father’s friends and uses this opportunity to ask the family friend to use a hall that he owns for his and Manning’s upcoming wedding. He agrees to let Will and Manning use the hall, but Jay later tells Will that the CPD and FBI are investigating the family friend for a slew of charges including money laundering, fraud, and extortion.

Tonight we will watch as Will gets a visit from the CPD, Choi is skeptical about a patient complaining of chronic pain and Manning has an injured mother come in who’s brother is refusing to lend a hand to. Check out this sneak peek of tonight’s episode right here and let me know what you think of this season so far!


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